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  1. Air vent selector dial issue

    Hi all, An issue arose last night with the round dial that selects the direction that air blows from in my fiesta last night. All was working as normal and air was blowing on windscreen. Turned the direction to feet and something didn't feel right. Air will only now blow straight at me and nowhere else. There used to be a bit of tension when turning the dial indicating that something was changing the direction however now there is no tension when changing positions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Car is a mk7/mk7.5 (unsure - 63 plate zetec s 1.6tdi) fiesta Cheers
  2. What brake pads?

    Just to update, Fitted brembo pads, much better. Discs could do with changing but i'll be part exing the car pretty soon so don't know if it's worth it. Perform a lot better than the standard ford ones that were on there.
  3. What brake pads?

    I have just purchased some brembo ones to fit tonight. Will let you know how I get on and how they perform
  4. Scratching/squeaking noise

    Has anyone here ever had their brake pads down to the wear indicator? Starting to think this is the issue as they are definitely nearly worn out completely, ordered some brembo pads so i'll fit them at the weekend and hopefully fix the most annoying noise known to man!
  5. Scratching/squeaking noise

    Cheers for your response Russ, I have a feeling its to do with brakes to be honest. Brakes feel a little juttery and I just have a gut feeling. I don't think these brakes have ever been changed since it was brought on the road (63 plate) so i'd not be surprised. Hopefully won't cost too much to fix!! :(
  6. Scratching/squeaking noise

    Hi All, Driving to work this morning and noticed that when i'm turning to the left (only when wheel is moving) i'm getting a strange scratching/squeaking noise coming from driver's side front wheel. Here is a video of the issue... https://www.dropbox.com/s/zncgd036xu6ja9p/20170731_082530.mp4?dl=0 If anyone can shed any light it'd be much appreciated! Cheers
  7. Roof bars, need paint protection?

    couldn't tell you mate never used it
  8. Roof bars, need paint protection?

    I would say just tape up the brackets and then put the roof bar on instead of taping the paintwork on the car. Easy enough to remove any adhesive left behind by the tape using meths or a similar solvent.
  9. Roof bars, need paint protection?

    Gaffer tape? That's what I'd use, or electrical tape. Not a clue for a long term solution, can you not order rubber stoppers or something for these brackets? check with the manufacturer
  10. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Well that's me told shows how much I know about diesel engines
  11. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Yeah i'm mainly on the A1. Can take anywhere between 25 mins and an hour each trip, so I suppose that's pretty sufficient. The previous owner of my car had obviously done loads of short journeys judging by the state of the rust on my back box
  12. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Fair enough, I do 22 each way and have no issues. Trip computer reads engine at optimum temperature after about 5 miles tops. I'd prefer to take the risk and get 70mpg on the motorway haha. Totally your decision but I'd go for the diesel! (don't base your opinion on me though I'm only one example out of thousands!)
  13. What Fiesta do I go for?

    I do 40 miles per day in mine (plus a bit of running about) and i've never had any issues with DPF. Just make sure to give it a good rev every now and then. 40 miles a day is definitely enough for a diesel if as long as the revs aren't constantly below 2000rpm
  14. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Judging by the miles you do i'd say go for the same as what i've got. Fiesta Zetec S 1.6TDCi. Pokey little engine and is amazing on diesel. No road tax to pay either. Looks sporty (same spoiler and skirts as ST). Love my car, it handles really well and is nippy. Can easily be mapped up to 120bhp as well without any other mods. good luck!
  15. Samsung galaxy S6 Bluetooth connectivity

    Yeah I'm aware of the sliders on BT options for call and media audio. Even when I turn the call audio slider on manually it changes back to off within 10 seconds. I'm pretty good with phones/computers, just not a clue what to do next. I've tried clearing the bluetooth cache on my phone and that still hasn't helped.