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  1. Well I'm having yet another issue with my cmax 1.6tdci. Yesterday I was on my way to get my daughter from school and the oil light flickered on for about a second . thought nothing of it then it happened a second time. Pulled over engine sounded louder and could hear a knocking noise. Checked oil level ,all was good. Said feck it I'll look at it when home. On the way home the light came back on but stayed on. Thought maybe because I hadn't serviced it yet,I usually do it at 6,000miles but was 7,000 miles since I last did it. So gave it a service,oil and filter and air filter. Oil light now doesn't stay on,but noticed it takes a few seconds longer to go off now tho. Engine noise is still there,sounds like tapping. Now there's a bit of an oilly black liquid around the injector area and was told it may be a leaking injector. Its been there awhile since haven't gotten a change to do it. Was told it would be OK. Dreading it now as I've had plenty of issues with this car but always got them sorted straight away. Will kick meself if it fecks this engine over not servicing it bang on 6,000miles as I usually do or over a leaking injector. Any ideas what this might be?