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  1. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    Had the car for a diagnostic check today and came up with no fault codes
  2. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    No, seems to be ok normally, holds charge etc but could be a bad connection somewhere i spose
  3. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    Theres no erratic idling, only just before it cuts out, when restarting car it fires up first turn of key. Doesnt cut out all time, just every so often, becoming more frequent lately though
  4. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    Would a bad sensor cause it to stall though?
  5. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    Erm..pass! Was replaced cpl month back, was the pre cat 1
  6. Hey hopefully someone can shed some light on this, my partner has an 02 plate focus 1.6 auto that keeps stalling, it doesnt happen all the time, more so in wet weather though. Its usually when slowing down thn accelerating off at junction etc, the battery light will come on then split second later car will chug lose power and stall. I have recently changed timing and aux belt, fuel and oil filters spark plugs, exhaust and lambda sensor, also when driving in bad wet weather the engine light will come on with something o2 sensor related but clears when wipe code, not sure if this is jus water getting into the sensor! Any help greatly appreciated
  7. Rattle noise near Aux belt/alternator 02 1.6 petrol

    Bin told also could be aux belt tensioner gone. Aux belt real tight on it, no play
  8. Hey guys hope someone can help, got a 02 Focus 1.6 auto. Theres an odd rattling/vibrating noise when accelerating, it sounds like the heat sheild rattling but defo aint that. It gets noisier when revs get higher. Ive held engine on jack to rule out engine mount. Noise sounds like its coming from alternator/aux belt area. Any help appreciated