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  1. dashboard light not working

    Look in the thread entitled 'Plasma Gauges' further down this page. I've described the process there.
  2. Street ka roof problems opening/closing

    Open both doors or lower both windows slightly. Release both leavers above the windscreen. Stand outside the car and use the small handle on the roof (which is on the inside just over the driver door window) to raise the roof by a few inches. This will cause the rear of the hood to lift up. Get your hand under the rear window and fold up the rear section of the roof as far as it will go making sure the plastic window doesn't crease. You'll need to have the key in the ignition for the next bit and switched to the position just before the starter fires. Press the button on the drivers door pillar (just below the door catch). This releases the hood storage lid. Lift the lid up and then fold the hood, rear window first, down into the storage area. Close the lid by pressing in the centre. This makes sure that both lid catches are engaged. Note that the storage lid won't open if the boot is open. Can't remember if the handbrake needs to be engaged too
  3. Plasma gauges

    Was it worth it, though?
  4. Hardtop

    Yep, thems the ones.
  5. Plasma gauges

    take radio out, remove heater controls and surround, remove upper and lower steering column shroud, detach headlight leveling switch, remove upper surround (the one that goes round the dash pod) then you can remove the pod itself. Detach speedo cable, unclip wiring including wires to dash lights and then you should be ready to go. Put it all back in the correct order.
  6. Parked outside home

    Why don't you park closed to the house? That's a hell of a trek every morning.
  7. Hardtop

    It certainly sounds like yours was set up for a hardtop at some time. The presence of the wiring harness is also something that I believe wasn't on standard cars.
  8. Hardtop

    You would also need the wiring harness for the HRW.
  9. Hardtop

    Got a pic? Mine is the winter edition so I could let you know right away.
  10. Hardtop

    No, they don't and the brackets are the proverbial hens teeth. Still available at Ford dealers, I believe but be prepared to sell a kidney. Best move is to find someone breaking a winter edition.
  11. Plasma gauges

    It's not the fitting of them that's difficult, it's getting the dash pod out.
  12. Ford KA - Wing replacement advice

    Which version of the Ka are we talking about here?
  13. Plasma gauges

    These bad boys http://www.visual-performance.co.uk/ford-ka-sport-2496-p.asp
  14. Plasma gauges

    One thing annoys me about my Streetka it's the black gauges and lack of clarity at night. Anyone fitted plasma gauges and how easy or difficult is it to do? Please tell me you don't have to strip out the entire dash.
  15. Street Ka Roof Refurb

    Good tip though, mate. Still got little spots on mine from using Renovo. I'll raid the misses make up drawer.