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  1. Hi

    hi there , welcome to the site, not sure where everyone is on here as im newish too lol , but im sure someone will post a reply sometime.
  2. hi, please could somebody tell me how difficult it is to change the clutch in my partners mk4 fiesta ghia, 1.4 16v? im confident with the tools and workings,but am curious as to wether its a garage job or if a can do it on the drive? cheers
  3. hi both, looking forward to getting more involved in the ford scene once again! and yes, the mk2 is an awesome car,my favourite classic ! had it 15 years
  4. st 2.2 tdci, any good?????

    haha!! believe me i`ll be contacting you mate!! thanks for the reply,im going to be getting one very soon when i find a nice one!
  5. Hi, ive decided to go for a mondeo st 2.2tdci 155,what i want to know is "are they reliable"?? i`d appreciate any info atall as the car i have now has been faultless up to now so reliaility and performance is a bonus, thanks in advance
  6. Hi to you all, although im a member to a few other sites this is my first time on a ford only site. i have a 79 rs2000 custom which only see`s the sun and shows, and another manufacterer 7 seater, but im going to sell that and buy a mondeo st after having a go in the 2.2tdci!!!! WOW!! lol im from derby now but lived in the west midlands for most of my life. im a mad rwd fan! so would be interested to chat with alsorts of ford enthusiasts