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  1. Hi Luke if its just the head unit then £35 all the lot £60 thanks.
  2. Let me know if you need the module I have a full Dab system see below if it helps
  3. Stop-start doesn't seem to work

    Brilliant tip my 2014 1.0 Ecoboost stop/start suddenly decided to pack in the green light illuminated on start up I did the fix as described and it is now fully operational thanks for the help.
  4. Fitting a new stereo to an mk7

    Imran I have a full ford radio set up for sale with Bluetooth module and assorted wiring have a look in the for sale section to see if it is similar to your fitment.
  5. Sat nav retrofit

    Using Forscan change the screen from 4" to 5" although that looks bigger to me.
  6. Phone sync

    You go into the menu and restore factory settings it's then ready for a new owner. Gary
  7. Genuine question please.....

    They prevent wind rushing into the car making it calmer when the window is down.
  8. Mk7 Stereo & Surorund upgrade to MK7.5???

    Rob I've got a blue screen for sale if you need one it's from my 2014 Zetec it's a complete setup with Dab. Etc it's in the for sale section, Regards Gary
  9. Sync - 'USB device not recognised'

    Martin it could be the unit itself that's faulty try an iphone see if that works I've got a spare unit I can send if all else fails. Regards Gary
  10. Ford sat nav fitted

    Hi after reading this forum I managed to obtain a used Ford Sat nav system that came with everything needed and Inbought the latest Forscan 2. Fitted it all in about 2 hours re programmed everything using the scanner including the dreaded km back to miles and it's working perfectly. Total cost £265 and I now have a dab radio to sell on with a Bluetooth module that came with the new system. Im now going to fit the reverse camera as my new screen has the input, a big thank you to those on this forum for their guides.
  11. Zetec ecoboost sat nav retrofit

    Thanks I have found the guide on here the total cost including Forscan is just under £300 so I'm going ahead with it.
  12. Hi everyone, I have a 2014 Fiesta Ecoboost with sync and a dab radio. I would like any advice on fitting the ford sat nav unit to my car, I realise I need the new screen, head unit, shroud and antenna. Does anyone on here have any experience on this. Thanks