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  1. Ordered it at last.

    Thanks yes the half leather / red stitch on the seats is very nice touch. I did not go with the Nav, €500 extra for that. Google maps will suffice :)
  2. Ordered it at last.

    I have a feeling that is on the titanium over here. Not certain.
  3. Ordered it at last.

    Some quick shots from my phone. Thrilled with the car so far. I cannot believe how much quieter it is than the Passat.
  4. Ordered it at last.

    Sorry guys. It was late yesterday when I got it. I only got a chance to take one pic last night. I wil post more later. As Jonro2009 said.absolutely worth waiting for, Those adaptive LED's are incredible.
  5. Ordered it at last.

    Stop now. You might Hyptonise me Haha.
  6. Ordered it at last.

    Yes. I love white. Counting the hours now .
  7. Ordered it at last.

    Thanks for the reminder. I used to watch out for that with my ocataiv vRS Hatches but had forgotten about it. Cheers.
  8. Ordered it at last.

    No John Either Thursday or Friday. Hopefully Thursday.
  9. Ordered it at last.

    3 more sleeps?? I will be lucky if I get any sleep LOL
  10. Ordered it at last.

    Well. I stuck with Android. Bought myself an LG G6. Lovely phone. More importantly. THIS IS THE WEEK.!!!!! :D Collecting the Mondeo eith Thursday or Friday, Exciting times. :D
  11. Ordered it at last.

    Dealer sent me a few pics.
  12. Reversing camera

    Me again. Just wondering if it would be possible at all to link the camera you bought? I am sure I could manage fitting myself. Thanks
  13. Reversing camera

    Oh In that case. Don't worry about it and just take care of yourself. Wish you a good recovery. Thanks.
  14. Ordered it at last.

    Getting excited now. Less than 3 weeks to go. Car is due to arrive at the dealers in just over a week, Not sure if I should go for a sneak preview or keep the excitement for collection day :D On another debate. Apple or Android??? :D