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  1. Hi my fiesta key has not worked the locks since ive had the car. I put new batteries in it but the car doesn't seem to be recognising it. The key will lock as normal, just not by pressing the buttons. Any ideas would be appreciated, is there a way of resetting it?
  2. Fiesta Zetec-S

    Well i changed the idle control valve and my fiesta is still the same, . So does anybody have any other ideas as to what causes it to over rev as you roll to a stop??
  3. Hi my 99 mk4 fiesta has started to high rev as you brake at junctions, in traffic ect..... Could this be a fault with the servo , or is there something else i am missing? Have changed idle control valve, had a new coil pack and leads, and i am going to service her this week. It is the Zetec-S 1.25 engine. Any ideas would be greatly recieved. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  4. Well i went to the Ford Power Live event today. I can honestly say that it would have been ideal if you have ST's or mustangs, there were a few older cars , but it seemed more designed towards the newer blinged cars. I did take some pics so you could see what was about.
  5. fifi2.jpg

    Yes it is similiar to your one. I saw the picture on your website. I bought this one from Newark for £108 + £40 for fuel to transport it home. It was definately well worth the money. Slowly getting the worn out suspension parts replaced, rear shocks, rear trailing arm bushes (nightmare job too), front suspension legs and springs. Next job in the new year will be the front wishbones and bushes. Service this week and we'll be good for another few thousand miles. She's not hit the 100,000 miles yet, and she's 18 years old. Must have had an easy first 10 years. What are you driving now jmurray01??

    Well i finally got around to sorting out the heater problem. Yes it was the heater control valve. Replaced with the genuine ford one from my previous fiesta, flushed the system through, and yay!!!! i now have a working heater. Its so nice to have warmth now the nights are getting colder. Kids appreciate it too. Thanks to everyone for the advice. greatly appreciated.
  7. Zetec -so 1.25. Misfiring.

    thanks everyone for your advice. It turned out to be the coil pack breaking down on one side. Ebay took the strain, and £9.99 and 3 days later it was on my doorstep. Replaced very quickly, then a good run into town down the A11, and all is well. It has even stopped the idling fluctuating at junctions. I am a happy bunny now.
  8. Ford Power Live comes to Snetterton on 22 October and this brand new event offers an intoxicating mix of on and off-track entertainment with a Blue Oval theme. You can save on the gate price by ordering tickets in advance by clicking here - under-13s go free - and we’ve got a special £5 off offer for Ford enthusiasts and clubs. Check out the details and book your tickets here. Action on the circuit will include a Ford Power trackday with a variety of Ford machinery on the 200 circuit - book your place here, whilst the 100 layout, surrounded by the venue’s panoramic spectator banks will be filled with exciting demonstrations from Ford-powered cars. Away from the tarmac there will be displays of Ford cars from across the eras with a special Puma 20th anniversary area, Red Dragon Monster Truck rides, a Ford-themed trade village, live music and children’s entertainment. This will include a competition to determine the identity of Britain’s most beautiful Ford with the FPL Concours award. To buy tickets for Ford Power Live, call 0843 453 9000 or click the button below
  9. Hi, I'm having some engine issues. Whilst out shopping the other day my fiesta started to sound spluttery on pulling away, also seems sluggish too. Could this be the coil pack breaking down, or something more sinister?? I thought maybe timing was out but I'm not sure now. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Andy.
  10. Difficulty finding paint code

    THANKS FOR THE LINK, JUST LOOKED AND FOUND ITS STATE BLUE METALLIC. Now to get some paint and start tidying up the wheel arches.
  11. Paint Code

    my mk4 is a metallic blue, according to the plate its FX, this makes it Slate Blue Blue print ?????? Am i reading this right ??
  12. Fiesta Zetec-S

    cheers usersteve, i have one on order, hope its the right one as the one from my old 96 1.25 is a different shape connection. I was going to stick that one on to se if it made a difference, then order a new one. But sod it lets just get a new one anyway,.
  13. Hi my 1.25 zetec-s is over revving when at running temperature. As you come to stop at a junction or in traffic, it roars up to 2000 rpm and as soon as you stop and put handbrake on it drops back to about 1000 rpm, but it does seem to be fluctuating slightly. I have been told that it could be the idle control valve, is this right? Regards Andy.
  14. Difficulty finding paint code

    Well i finally got around to looking for my paintcode on my 1999 fiesta mk4. It has 'FX' in the box. But i cannot find out exactly what the name of the colour it is, i know its a metallic blue, but what shade?? Anyone with any ideas please help. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all, i was wondering if this event is of any interest to members. It is being held at the Snetterton race circuit, Norfolk, on Sunday October 22nd, they have a facebook page where you can find out more, or you could check out snettertons website, which is:- www.snetterton.co.uk and search for Ford Power Live, 22 October 2017. i will be heading over there as it is very local, and also have a residents pass. Look forward to hopefully seeing some F.O.C. members and their cars .