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  1. Hi, I'm having some engine issues. Whilst out shopping the other day my fiesta started to sound spluttery on pulling away, also seems sluggish too. Could this be the coil pack breaking down, or something more sinister?? I thought maybe timing was out but I'm not sure now. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Andy.
  2. Difficulty finding paint code

    THANKS FOR THE LINK, JUST LOOKED AND FOUND ITS STATE BLUE METALLIC. Now to get some paint and start tidying up the wheel arches.
  3. Paint Code

    my mk4 is a metallic blue, according to the plate its FX, this makes it Slate Blue Blue print ?????? Am i reading this right ??
  4. Fiesta Zetec-S

    cheers usersteve, i have one on order, hope its the right one as the one from my old 96 1.25 is a different shape connection. I was going to stick that one on to se if it made a difference, then order a new one. But sod it lets just get a new one anyway,.
  5. Hi my 1.25 zetec-s is over revving when at running temperature. As you come to stop at a junction or in traffic, it roars up to 2000 rpm and as soon as you stop and put handbrake on it drops back to about 1000 rpm, but it does seem to be fluctuating slightly. I have been told that it could be the idle control valve, is this right? Regards Andy.
  6. Difficulty finding paint code

    Well i finally got around to looking for my paintcode on my 1999 fiesta mk4. It has 'FX' in the box. But i cannot find out exactly what the name of the colour it is, i know its a metallic blue, but what shade?? Anyone with any ideas please help. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, i was wondering if this event is of any interest to members. It is being held at the Snetterton race circuit, Norfolk, on Sunday October 22nd, they have a facebook page where you can find out more, or you could check out snettertons website, which is:- and search for Ford Power Live, 22 October 2017. i will be heading over there as it is very local, and also have a residents pass. Look forward to hopefully seeing some F.O.C. members and their cars .
  8. proud fiesta owner

    thankyou Rob2017, you seem to have done quite a bit of modification to your fiesta. I prefer to try to keep to the original specs as much as possible. I am in the process of replacing all the worn out suspension parts with new, corner by corner.
  9. proud fiesta owner

    Thankyou Dagger. Glad to be a member. This is such a helpful forum too.
  10. Had similar problem on my mk4 fiesta. I bought it knowing that both front springs were broken. i bought a pair off ebay for £30 plus postage and fitted myself. It is an awkward job to do, but if you are up for the challenge, a lot cheaper than getting a garage to do it.
  11. Difficulty finding paint code

    Well thats saved me asking, needed to find out where to find colour code for my mk4 fiesta. Now i know i can have a look tomorrow. Have a feeling its going to be the same blue.

    Thanks for the tips folks. I do have a spare control valve that came off my 96 mk4. Will give that a go, and flush through at the same time. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Never had a Ford before with a crappy heater, always relied on ford's for having good heaters. :-?
  13. Can anybody give me some tips on how to get my heater working please. The system is full of fresh water/antifreeze mix, but i have no heat from the heating system. Blower works fine, so i was wondering if there might be an airlock somewhere, if so how do i clear it? Do i go to the pipes that go through the bulkhead ? It is the zetec S 1.25 16 valve engine fitted with aircon. didnt have this problem with my previous mk4, which was running the same engine , but without the aircon. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Andy52

    My 1999 fiesta ghia mk4. 89,000 miles from new, and the replacement for my old 96 mk4, which sadly failed its mot.
  15. Fuel gauge /pump problems.

    Hi there, there is no visible way of getting the wires crossed, it's a 5 pin connection which will only connect one way. I did think that it might be a wiring problem, but wouldn't know which ones to swap around. Thanks for your input.