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  1. Focus v Mondea Comfort

    Drove Mondeo mk3's for ten years, then bought a 2009 Focus Titanium two years ago. Even though the Focus is a more modern design, it's sound proofing and ride comfort is inferior to the old Mondeos (in my opinion). Admittedly I added sound proofing to the doors of the Mondeo to improve the stereo system, but there was quite a difference between the two cars. The Focus is definitely harsher over bumps and potholes too. My Focus is called the 'go cart', cos that's how it feels compared to the Mondeos. Which do I prefer to drive.....actually it's the Focus. Being smaller, it seems more nimble, quicker and just more fun to drive than the big Mondeo!
  2. Focus Mk2.5 stereo 6000

    I replaced my 6 disc Sony branded stereo with an old Sony single din unit and found both to be pretty good as standard. Saying that, I do prefer the single din machine as it has more sound adjustment features, so I've been able to improve the sound quality from the original unit using them. I was quite impressed with the standard speakers on the titanium model, so I didn't bother adding my 2 Alpine amps and 8" sub this time. Needed the boot space too...😂
  3. Daylight Running Lights for Mk 2.5

    Don't suppose anyone has more pictures of these DRL's from the front angle? Either with them on or off?
  4. Daylight Running Lights for Mk 2.5

    Cool....and in terms of brightness, do they look like DRL's that come standard on most modern cars? Or are they noticably dimmer?
  5. Daylight Running Lights for Mk 2.5

    These look interesting....do they dim when the lights are on, but switch off completely? Are they easy to wire into the car?
  6. Which is the best petrol

    I tend to go through periods on Tesco Momentum, then periods on the standard 95 RON stuff. My 2009 1.8 is effected by the standard 95 RON supermarket fuels too (although not straight away after using Momentum)....whereas using Tesco Momentum it feels stronger and less stuttery. The on board MPG figure increases more steadily with momentum too. Although it's currently on 36.9 MPG using the standard 95 RON. (back to momentum soon!!)
  7. Can anyone recommend some good DRL's for the MK 2.5 version? Looking for an OEM look, rather than add/stuck on types. Any help on this matter would be great.....pictures of any would be even better!!
  8. I have a 2009 Focus Titanium with the standard Sony stereo and voice control system built in. I'm aware the voice control unit is a separate box which connects into the stereo, but my question is this..... Can this voice control unit be used with after market stereo units (single din), or are they only compatible with the standard Sony unit? Anyone know or can help?