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  1. Fiesta edge

    @Tania33 As stated above, best try a Fiesta forum, but an engine management light doesn’t normally spell the end of the world. For me if the light came on once and hasn’t repeated, I’d continue as normal. If it comes on again, I’d get it checked. It may have nothing at all to do with the MOT, just poor timing.
  2. servicing

    I took out a monthly paid servicing plan with my dealer, so although I’m still paying, the costs are spread out so on service date, there is no big bill.
  3. for sale american drls

    Before I got my Edge, every online video had cars with these fitted. I was disappointed when I got mine and it had poxy conventional bulbs for DRLs (didn’t take the fancy headlight option). That being said, I’m not really wanting to muck about with the wiring to fit these. They look great with the fancy headlights but my existing DRLs will look pants against them. 😟
  4. New member and soon to be new owner

    The only concern I would have is in relation to road tax. The ST Line, if it has certain extras, would take the list price over £40K. In which case there is a levy on the road tax for the first 5 years from new. This is irrespective of the price you actually pay for it.
  5. servicing

    @simonb65 That is also my experience. I stick to the smaller family run business and get extras thrown in whenever I buy a car, as they are more willing to help their customers to keep us loyal. I’m on my 11th car from the same dealer now. Main dealers know there’s another mug just round the corner so couldn’t give a hoot.
  6. servicing

    I think Simon, that varies from dealer to dealer. I use an established yet small main dealer which had been a family business. They are absolutely excellent. I get my FREE Ford Assist for a year after every service and as for the Edge, when I get my interim check done after 12 months use, I will get my Ford Assistance renewed then. I’ve never been referred to the AA. My dealer won’t rip people off as their reputation is too important.
  7. Running lights

    Now now ladies... keep things friendly. 🙄
  8. Tyre life

    Wow. I had to pay £240 for each of my 19 inch tyres on my previous Kuga. I haven’t dared look for prices for the 20 inchers on my Edge.
  9. Tyre life

    6500 miles without checking your tyre pressures ?? I check mine at least once a fortnight and do so when washing the car. Over or under inflated tyres are dangerous and will affect tyre wear. Under inflated will also affect fuel economy to some degree. I’m fortunate to have an air compressor in my garage so I don’t need to go anywhere to inflate them.
  10. Bi turbo diesel

    I assume the 180 comes in auto option ?
  11. Bi turbo diesel

    But buying a tuning kit for a car which is similar rather than the same would mean you are not getting optimal tuning. My Edge is the bi-turbo 210ps.
  12. Bi turbo diesel

    Not much use as Ford Edge is not on the pick list 😟
  13. Rear Camera

    Ditto. Except in my case it’s a horse trailer. One of the best things about the Edge. 👍
  14. LED build change over.

    I see what you did there ! 👆
  15. LED build change over.

    The ‘not compatible’ might refer to Cambus compatibility rather than physical fit. So their may be electronic gremlins for DRL dimming for indicators, etc.