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  1. Swapping out headlights

    I would have thought that although they may fit, they will not operate other than as like for like items. The electronics will not be programmed to carry out the features. They might work and be brighter than standard headlamps though. Let us know.
  2. LED Replacement Bulbs

    That’s new to me. I’d never heard of that before. Not noticed it....yet !
  3. LED Replacement Bulbs

    You did but perhaps folk didn’t read it !😂😂😜
  4. LED Replacement Bulbs

    Spot on as it should be. Modern technology in action. You should have also noticed your turn lights, where the relevant fog lamp comes on when you turn left or right at low speed, to illuminate the verge as you turn. It’s all quite clever. I recall an even cleverer system in a 2001 Mercedes where if the indicator bulb failed, it would flash the fog lamp on that side as an alternative lamp.

    Hamster I’m disappointed. I’m a Scot and we don’t drink Whiskey as that is either Irish or American. We drink Whisky 🥃 😜
  6. LED Replacement Bulbs

    Don’t be silly. That would be too easy. 😜🙄
  7. LED Replacement Bulbs

    Why is there animosity in this thread ? We are all here to share information and learn from each other, to then enjoy the Ford Edge experience. Happy New Year. 😄🥂
  8. LED Replacement Bulbs

    They certainly look much whiter and brighter than my yellowy candles. Has anyone flashed you due to being dazzled yet ?
  9. Parking Lights

    I had a 1986 BMW 325i which had this. I rarely used it but it was handy at times. Never seen it in a Ford before.
  10. MPG

    Bit of a boring journey though !😄😂
  11. LED Replacement Bulbs

    As per NeilRS above, before and after pics are a must, when trying to convince people to part with cash ! 😄
  12. Parking Lights

    You try it out and let us know 😜
  13. Parking Lights

    Didn’t realise til tonight that the Edge has parking lights. If you switch your left or right indicator on after the ignition is off, it illuminates the left or right side position lamps, front and rear, which remain on after locking your car. Handy if parked on an unlit road, or parked on the ‘’wrong” side of the road at night.
  14. MPG

    @Brad8988 I don’t think that’s particularly great. Mine is not modified and I can get 42 on a 70mph long run.

    @Laskababy No probs, just wanted to go through the motions in case it was something simple that may have been missed. @simonb65 I think you are right, but I was sitting in my house and couldn’t recall exactly what was on screen. 😄