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  1. Sync3 and Climate screen

    Simon, I have Sync3 but cloth interior so I have heated but not cooled seats. Nevertheless I had a look for comparison purposes. My heated seats are not displayed on the touchscreen at all on any screen, not even the climate screen. I do have red LEDs by the switches though, so no doubt when they are on or off.
  2. Auto gearbox indicator

    I think you are imagining it. Mine has never illuminated on the gear selector. Unless of course mine has always been faulty and yours has just become faulty !
  3. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    Mine is an Auto and it simply doesn't allow you to get out with the start stop in stop mode. I park in my drive and the engine cuts out and there's something psychological that tells your brain you just need to get out but as soon as you try, the engine fires up. I'm getting used to that fact now and the green light on the start/stop button tells me that the ignition is still on, so even though the engine is off, I still need to press the button to prevent it jumping back into life. It may be that it's a safety feature. If you have armed the ignition with the button and your passive key, then if you leave the vehicle without disarming it (with the button) then you could get out the car without the engine restarting and someone else could get in the car and simply drive off. It's annoying in one sense but actually a good safety feature.
  4. Auto Main / Dipped Beam

    My lights seemed back to normal yesterday. Just another little gremlin.
  5. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    Probably to remind you that you haven't turned the ignition off !
  6. Puddle and edge light

    It seems universal that puddle lights and sill lights do not operate on a manual model, unless the handbrake is set or on an auto model, unless it's in park. If anyone has a result other than this, then please post it.
  7. security

    But if it was a moth / spider etc then it's not a fault. The internal alarm would have worked as it should.
  8. Auto Main / Dipped Beam

    Good point Dave. I hadn't noticed the window misted up, but the temperature had dropped while I was out and when I got in the car I put the heater up, so it is possible that the sensor was affected.
  9. Reversing lights not working!

    I have the detachable tow bar factory fitted on my Sport. I've never had an issue yet with my reversing lights....yet.
  10. Auto Main / Dipped Beam

    I have had my Edge now since the end of January and it has had a few little gremlins but nothing I have had to take to the dealer yet as they have rectified themselves. Last night when driving home my auto main/dipped beam stopped working. At first it wouldn't dip, but would go to high beam after a car passed, then it wouldn't do either dip or main beam automatically. I tried the standard fault rectification of stop, turn off and re-start, which normally clears electrical gremlins but it didn't fix it. I rarely drive in the dark so don't know how long this hasn't worked for. Has anyone else had this issue and have you fixed it ?
  11. security

    My alarm went off last week just as I dropped off to a nice sleep. I assumed it was a fault so just blipped the fob to open and close the doors without investigating. It lasted 1 minute before it went off again. I blipped the doors again and got dressed so I could go and check and by the time I got there the auto relock had locked my doors (mine works you see) and had re-set the alarm, which promptly went off again just before I reached the car. No damage was found but inside was a ***** great moth. Bigger than the ones that fly out my wallet when I open it ! I shooed it out, reset the alarm and not a toot toot since.
  12. security

    Yes I agree. For me, if they want my car that badly, they can have it. I don't want it back after they've thrashed it either. I'd rather it was burnt out than returned to me.
  13. security

    So just to check I've got this right, the OP wants more security on his first keyless entry car. The viper alarm system as per the video above provides this but it has to be disarmed by the viper fob ? Great, but kind of defeats the purpose of being keyless if you have to press a button, or is it just me??
  14. Remote car keys

    The remote works over a considerable distance but the passive key only operates when it is right next to the car. If your passive key is in your house 4-5 feet away from your car and you can open the car by gripping the handle, then something is wrong and you need to get the dealer to check it out.
  15. Sync 3 CarPlay has died

    I used to religiously plug in my phone to use Apple CarPlay, purely so I could respond to text messages via voice command. Unfortunately this meant that the car navigation system stopped working in favour of Apple's navigation, which is pretty pants really. It turns out you can use Siri on your iPhone without being connected to CarPlay, so I can see no real benefit in connecting it up now. It was a bit of a faff anyway, so I turned CarPlay off and only connect by cable to charge now.