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  1. Detailing

    Great thanks for the advice. I will have to bite the bullet and get something done soon before the bad weather comes round. Thanks again Russ
  2. Detailing

    Are these are fairly easy product to use? I have a DA polisher (challenge x from Argos) would you recommend a different type of pad to use? or will using the ones that came with it be sufficient enough? I only ask as because this polisher was on the budget side, so I am assuming that the pads will be of budget quality and wouldn't want it to cause more harm.
  3. Detailing

    I've been hearing a lot about cars being detailing and paint restoration, making it look showroom quality. I would like to do the same thing myself but I just don't know where to begin. The only thing I have is DA polisher. I want to get rid of as many scratches I can that are on the car and also restore is paintwork and remove the holograms that is also on the paintwork. What do people recommend? I keep looking into all different types of detailing brands and I just get confused.
  4. Gas Bonnet strus

    Hi Chaosmonkey/Stef123 Thank you for replying I went onto SGS and they only do tailgate/boot gas struts. They didn't have any for a bonnet. Or does this not matter?
  5. I have recently Bought a Mk 4 Titanium x Sport. Does anyone know where I can get some gas bonnet struts brackets etc from? preferably decent ones. I have the standard bonnet prop on the car and think it needs to have gas struts :)
  6. Re-map recommendations

    Thanks for your replies. I have been in touch with DERV TECH up in Manchester and they have quoted me £400 for a re-map they have said they would be able to get it up to 230bhp, which I'm over the moon about with more MPG and torque. From what i have read on their website they remove the ECU and re-program it that way then run it on a dyno seems like a decent way to go.
  7. I have recently purchased a 62reg 2.2 TDCi Titxsport and was wondering is anyone had recommendations of where to get a re-map done? I live near Derby but willing to travel to the right place. Thanks
  8. I have recently purchased a mondeo titainium x sport 2.2 tdci and thinking about having a re-map. 1. Will it have much affect if I were to do one. In the sense that will any problems occur later on down the line? 2. Where would be the best place to get it re-mapped (I am based in Derby)