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  1. What do you clean your car with?

    I forgot about tire dressing. I use meguiars tire shine gel. You only need a little bit of it. I've had it for I think half a year or a year and I've only used a fifth of it. Sealants I have is fusso soft 99. It claims to last a year and has really good beading capabilities. I personally haven't used it yet as I want to do a proper detail before I apply it but YouTube videos do show.
  2. What do you clean your car with?

    Oooo this is a topic I'm interested in. To start ive started cleaning my car by myself now rather than taking it to get cleaned. I've done my research into good products for the car. I use a karcher pressure washer also. Snow foam - bilt hamber auto foam is what I use. For £16-17 you get a 5 litre tub which is a bargain. Haven't really compared it but it says it's safe for waxes and heard it effective compared to other snow foams. Shampoo - bilt hamber again (I've forgot the name) but with this you only need a tea spoon of this stuff in a bucket of water for it to make a nice foam and suds. The suds is what you want as it provides lubrication when cleaning the car. Wash mitt - gtechniq wm2 - this is a microfiber pad which is designed to help hold in liquid and is soft so no need to worry when cleaning the car with. I was initially thinking of getting a lambs wool but they are too much trouble to keep clean. Drying towel - kkd silverback - really good drying towel that it was sold out everywhere when I was looking and luckily found a supply. It's a nice size and it takes in a lot of water. Finishing spray - Koch chemie fse - the main thing I like about this is that it removes water spots. When water dries up you see these mineral deposits. This spray has limescale remover so it removes these mineral deposits plus gives the paint a nice wet look. Glass cleaner - at the moment I use the finish spray to remove the water spots on the glass then use autoglym glass polish. I've been looking at gtechniq and their glass sealant which is kind of like rain x. Wheel cleaner - don't have any products yet to clean the wheels but I may get bilt hamber auto wheels. It's an iron fallout remover which reacts with the dirt turning people. I'd say that's it, I have some sealant, clay bars and some other stuff which you'd use when detailing a car. Next thing really I want to is practice using a machine polisher so I can do it on my car.
  3. Things I Don't Like

    Do keep on mind some drivers may have a black box which monitors their driving. One of my dad's friends has a Audi a5 and he can only afford black box insurance for it so you can't always think small hatchbacks mainly have a black box. Since I now have insurance without a black box I'd normally do 32mph. Back when I had a black box I'd hate it when you get these people driving fast up behind you and stay a little close behind. It starts to put pressure on you and back then I wasn't the type of person to pull over and let them pass. Now can't really say I get a lot of people like that. Don't know if it's because I don't have a black box now or people might look at my zetec s and think there's a boy racer in there and don't want to start trouble with him.
  4. Media unit

    By the looks of it it has those 4 slots which you would put a key in to release the stereo from the cage so removing and installing won't be a problem. Also what's the name of this stereo as I've never seen it. Some mk6 fiesta came with a Sony stereo which I think you should also look into. I was thinking of getting the Sony stereo and try to get it with DAB
  5. Just checked that it has had 2 private plates. The plate I mentioned was N111 KST
  6. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    The HIDs I have from looking at it has a cover underneath it so most of the light reflects up on the reflector and you can see a beam pattern where it cuts off on the right hand side. I think if you just put a naked xenon bulb in a reflector housing it would just be throwing out light all over the place. These xenons on autobeam have the same cover. Obviously I don't want to blind people. I'm a friendly driver
  7. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    Really it shouldn't shine too far out as it can blind people who's coming towards you. Like I said it's best to get them aligned in the MOT centre. Strangely I had no advisory about my HIDs but I still keep them around 3 and a half. I've ended up cleaning the car myself. These hand car wash places wouldn't take as much care. On my previous car I would take it once a month to get it cleaned and after 2 years I could see the heavy swirl marks on the paint in direct sunlight. It takes me around 4 hours to clean it. Snow foam, hand wash, finish the paint off with finish spray (use one which removes water spots) and dress the tires. This was a few months ago. The driveway was dirty but pressure washed it.
  8. Lol you could ask him if he ever owned a mk6.5 fiesta zetec s diesel.
  9. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    I think I've seen that same guy. The one who tests the lights on his clio. I'm sure he said from his view he'd go for the Phillips white vision as it offers good lighting along with style (as it says offers a xenon white light). However if your just looking for brightness then the xtreme vision is good.
  10. Detangoing front orange indicate lens

    Hmm okay I wouldn't really open up the lens as you increase the risk of condensation getting in the headlights. Speaking of that my headlights were opened up at one point. Luckily there's no condensation getting in them but I've noticed theres a small amount of dried water drops on one side which was there since I bought the car. I'm thinking of changing both headlights probably late next year due to the dried water marks and there's a bit of hazing. No point taking off the haze if the dried water marks put it down. Could practice detangoing the old headlights when I change them.
  11. Advice for Fitting Headlight Assembly

    Yeah that little bit of the bumper which goes between the grill and lights you have to be careful with. It can take a bit of bending but too much could cause it to snap off. I think my bumper is slightly misaligned from one side so don't know if the snapped clip from the grill has caused it or the bumper was removed at one point.
  12. Advice for Fitting Headlight Assembly

    Yeah like isetta said there's some type of socket or lug on the side of the headlight closest to the wing. I took my headlights out to change my sidelights to LED and I'm sure it was this that took a bit of time to get in right. It from what I remember you should hear it click. Do be careful when removing your grill to get to one of the bolts as one of the previous owners on my car snapped one of the top clips off the grill. Also there's that bit of the bumper between the grill and headlight. It can flex but don't bend it too much. On mine there's a little slit.
  13. I asked mountune a few months ago. They asked for the reg then after asked for the vin number. After that didn't get no reply. Since then I kind of am squeamish asking again as I don't want to get upset finding out I was lied to. The car at one point did have a private plate I think called 'nick ST' so never know if that owner had it remapped and the information was stored under that reg. Honestly I never seen any black smoke from the car. There's white smoke when starting in the morning but I think that could be excess diesel in one of the cylinders caused by a possible leaky injector as it has a very strong diesel smell.