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  1. Your Fiesta

    Might as well join in. My mk6.5 fiesta zetec s 1.6 TDCi
  2. Show Us Your Rear...

    Thought might join in. Might remove the TDCI badge and get a new S badge as the one on the car has faded.
  3. Black box insurance opinions?

    Thank god I don't have it in my car. On my previous car I had it installed and it was okay. Lol back then my dad said he could try removing it and putting it on his bike so it would look like I'm doing 20mph and not heavily cornering and braking 😂
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Sorry I hope I didn't come across as having a go at you. Just worries me when hearing about motor accidents. Heard one of my family friends passed away from a motorcycle accident. Another family friend passed away from a car accident. Both around 17-18. Was on a B road with he's friends and something happened where he went head on to another car. All he's friends survived but he didn't. Best to be careful when driving. Lol I never think of overtaking someone unless it's on a duel carriageway or motorway as you won't have that thought of someone trying to overtake you as opposed to being on a single lane road. Just last week I was in a 30mph road and came behind someone doing around 10-15mph. Was thinking of overtaking but thought what would happen if a car pulls out a side road etc so just hanged back. Soon after a prius driver had enough and just overtook us both🤣
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Sometimes you can't always assume someone drives like a knob because they feel like it (or are mentally deranged) but like you said could of been a medical emergency. A lot of us just assumes when someone driving fast, weeving through traffic, and overtaking is some boy racer.
  6. nice snow pic

    Actually snowed a little today in the morning.
  7. Mods

    I'd probably agree with Luke. It may be best to do subtle mods without compromising the originality of the car. When I was looking for insurance for a zetec s 1.6 TDCi it was only £100 more compared to the 1.4 diesel. I got my zetec s with part leathers, electric mirrors, factory rear tints, red dashboard and steering wheel controls for £1900 with 116k on the clock. The 1.6 petrol ones are going for less with lesser mileage. The 1.6 and 1.4 diesels have the same road tax, 1.6 is claimed 2mpg less than the 1.4, 1.6 is 3 seconds quicker to 60.
  8. Catback exhaust ?

    There's a company called zorstworx which makes custom exhausts. They mail order a rear silencer delete for your car. I recommended this company to @Gommy who has the same engine as you and he really likes the sound of it. It's not really expensive also. Check their Facebook page and see their videos as they have a video of a fiesta with that exhaust fitted and it sounds good.
  9. What colour is your door handles? You could install an Aux port (just spotted in your pics). Don't know if you have the factory stereo. You can buy the port from Ford.
  10. nice snow pic

    It'll shrink soon. 🤣
  11. Ford Focus mk2 - Croatia

    That is a decent increase in power. Hopefully will get mine done in the summer.
  12. That's does look good compared to the stock green lights. Years back my dad had a mk1 focus ghia saloon 1.8 diesel. He wired in blue lights in all the green interior lights. Lol in the MOT centre the guy said this car must be owned by a boy racer when he saw those lights. Sometime after he changed the lights to red as he's been looking at how audi do that. Vent trims do look good. Don't think I'll be touching mine as it compliments the stainless steel door handles.
  13. Mods

    Also zetec s / ST leather steering wheel. If you want a clean steering wheel then the zetec s would be good as the ST wheel is the same but has the ST badge on it.
  14. Mods

    For bumpers you can check a breakers or ebay. Is it a diesel? If it is you could try blanking off the Egr. I have the 1.6 diesel and I'm getting a little more mpg from it now. Could also look at upgrading the lights to LED. Making the front sidelights to a white LED one would smarten it up
  15. Ford Focus mk2 - Croatia

    Never knew the CC had different bumpers. Whats the power now with the remap? I have the same engine but with 90hp and thinking of remapping to 115-120hp and 260-275nm. Also what remap company did you use if you don't mind me asking.