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  1. The NecroPoster strikes again!!! Mwahahahahaaaaaaa!!!
  2. Focus 2011 Mk 3 Modifications?

    I've done quite a few cosmetic mods inside mine and also put LEDs in the rear clusters, DRLs on etc etc. Have a look at my build thread (click my sig). I'd like to get the zetec s kit for mine or at least the rear spoiler. Also would like the oem 17's to replace my 16's. 18s look nice but I think affect the ride too much. Also want to convert rear drums to discs but not sure how the insurance company would feel about that...
  3. Front heated windscreen demisting in banding

    Some of the elements that run vertically through the windscreen are damaged. There is no way to repair them. On the mk1 the common conductor for them used to become damaged where the wipers swept, resulting in one complete side not demisting. This was sometimes repairable but I'm afraid as Ian says, you need a new windscreen.
  4. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    You peeps with bluefins, were these off the shelf remaps or customs? I don't really know how it works with those. Also is there any truth to the rumours that the ECU's have a flash counter that can't be reset, keeping track of how many remaps are done? Bit like the Knox counter on Samsung phones?
  5. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    Well yeah, strap 125 horses onto a vehicle the size and weight of a tennis shoe, it ain't gonna be slow :) I seem to remember funny things happening when Hayabusa engines were put in Smart cars... Sounds like a Star Wars pod racer at 2:08 though!
  6. Focus MK4 rear daytime running lights not on

    If you have auto headlights obviously they will come on with those. Also if you have rain sensing wipers and auto headlights, if the "rain lighting" option is enabled on your dash, the headlights will also come on automatically when the auto wipers decide to wipe constantly.
  7. EcoBoost degas hose question

    Keep an eye on the expansion tank. The heat makes them develop small cracks and eventually pop. Well, not exactly pop but it'll be like trying to keep your coolant in a colander. Apparently the tank will start to stain as the coolant works its way into the crazing. Then it's time to change it.
  8. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    Well, really, you should be looking under the bonnet at least once a week or before any motorway journey. Most of us don't but I think that those who never report problems with their cars here on FFOC are guys who know their way around an engine and know that regular checks are very important. It's not paranoia mate, it's ensuring that little problems are nipped in the bud and don't develop into serious problems!
  9. Cracked bumper -mot issue?

    Judging from the paint fade on the bumper compared to the rest of the bodywork, that's been an iffy respray job. The paint on the passenger side may have decided to jump off the bumper of its own accord!
  10. I would think that the receiver in the car has failed or is not getting power. If you know which fuse it is, that would be a good place to start.
  11. radio failure

    If you have the radio code, you could try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins to try and reset it. Other than that, I'm afraid I don't know.
  12. FORD FOCUS 06 - Won't start

    Yes I read that you had sent it off but it still seems likely that this is the problem. Did they repair it or replace it? I think that a new one (at least new to the car) needs keys recoding to it before the immobiliser will disarm. It's a tricky one as you appear to have done all the correct things. The thing that's throwing me is that you first said that there was just a clicking sound when you tried to start the car. If it was an immobiliser fault at that point you wouldn't have heard anything as that sounds to me like the starter motor trying (and failing) to crank the car... Do you still get the (repetitive) clicking sound when you try to start the car? Are you still getting the Canbus code as this points to a faulty cluster. Again, @Tdci-Peter is extremely knowledgeable about this issue. He has also posted which pins in the obd connector can easily be tested with a multimeter to find out for certain. You'd be looking for a certain resistance reading but I can't remember what pins...
  13. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    Well to put it into context for you, my 1.6 diesel mk3 focus is 115ps and pulls pretty well, so a "little" 1l ecoboost puts out more power! I can't speak for driveability having never owned one but loads of folk on here have them and seem happy with them. There are a couple of issues to watch for though, cam shaft sprocket recall ( you can check ETIS for this) and a split in a degas hose. Later models had a better hose fitted which cured this problem, or I believe that you can get it changed through Ford if it hasn't already been done and is an affected model.
  14. Cracked bumper -mot issue?

    If all the lights work when your fogs are put back and you're not leaking any fluids (maybe from your radiator) then you will be fine. If your headlight was affected, they may have to adjust it to give the right pattern but they should just do it anyway and pass you.