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  1. Ford Fusion issues?

    Hi This is my first post on this forum. I own a 2003 Ford Fusion 1.4Tdci. and have had it for 5 years now. Ive had various issues over the years i.e. new clutch and flywheel, watewr pump, new injectors etc. but on the whole has been very reliable. My first issue is slight oil leak from the rocker cover which should be easy enough to sort out. Another issue is the heater blower only works on number 4. My main issue is the speedometer, for weeks at a time it works perfectly. But for a couple of weeks at a time the speedo is erratic, Im driving along normally and the speedo drops to zero and then fluctuates and eventually goes back to normal. When it drops below 30mph the stereo volume drops and when it returns to normal the volume returns to normal. When the speedo reads zero it takes a little extra acceleration to accelerate away but when speedo behaves it accelerates normally. Is this just the speed sensor or is it something else? I have read many forums and bought another speed sensor in the hope of replacing it, it comes with a new locating pin and Im aware of issues taking the pin out. My final question is exactly where is the speed sensor located? I have a Haynes manual but it doesnt actually show where it is, it explains how to change it but not an exact location Does anyone have any photographs showing where it is? and is it possible to change it from the engine bay? Many apologies for the long question and thanks in advance for any advice