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  1. Been buying my upgraded bulbs & LED's from Autobeam. Great quality, shipped fast. Brill :)
  2. Hey! welcome to your first post. I have the same version & age car in the complete negative. :) (frozen white)
  3. Things I Don't Like

    I sympathise with you, as I'd lived with sciatica on & off for 30 years. It fortunately finished 3 years ago after emergency spinal surgery to remove L4/L5 disc. Still have some discomfort due to the very common NHS 'significant scar tissue' issue but at least I'm mobile. :)
  4. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Autobeam is your friend!
  5. Stop-start doesn't seem to work

    Don't worry, I brought my car 10 weeks ago and the stop/start only began working yesterday after a 134 mile jolly so it probably needs a good run to charge everything.
  6. Things I Do Like

    I like driving just for the fun of it and just got back home from a 134 mile jolly! I read about the B6047 between Melton Mowbray & Market Harborough on a random bikers forum which are a great source of information regarding fun roads.
  7. What brake pads?

    Just two different brands not actual brake systems
  8. Fiesta jumps 50 Metres

    you were diddled, my is 15% off. :):):)
  9. What brake pads?

    Have a look on Euro car parts, enter your Reg No, then click on performance & it should give you the correct fitment. I've put EBC Greenstuff on mine which have a better feel than stock in normal use and less fade/ more bite when pushing it a little. Also once bedded in create a lot less brake dust on the wheels!
  10. Fiesta jumps 50 Metres

    Right where's that little hump back bridge I know ? :)
  11. Central information display

    Been a constructive morning! I de-tango'd my car & fitted a 16'' front number plate :)
  12. Central information display

    Just been out to check the fuses. As I pulled out the audio system #15 fuse I heard a click, checked it & not blown. Put it back and everything is now working fine again. It's as if a relay was stuck which was the click sound. Happy to tell the wife I fixed something. LOL Thanks fella's.
  13. Central information display

    Thanks for your help TDR/XTC
  14. Central information display

    Will do in the morning as it's too dark and lashing down now,lol
  15. Central information display

    Just arrived home and did the test and scrolling though I had, Er0701 If anyone knows the meaning :)