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  1. Adams story game

    Drives a vauxhal corsa
  2. Yellow headlight tint

    Cheers mate
  3. Yellow headlight tint

    Is it legal to tint my head lights and fogs yellow like this
  4. Adams focus build thread

    Give her a clean she's a good egg for taking some abuse once in a blue moon
  5. Adams focus build thread

    A lad in a vxr came up behind me so I let him pass and the chase was on lmao was chucking it down and foggy so bit hairy had the windscreen wipers on full blast wrc style lmao don't think cyclists wur to happy as we bombed past but such as life my poor car was on its backside ha
  6. Adams focus build thread

    Just near me north yorkshire moors that road was not bad but their is some really nice long sweeping roads can have a good blast on can see far so easy to see there is no on comeing cars easy to get a bit carryd away lol
  7. Adams focus build thread

    Had a nice drive out
  8. Adams focus build thread

    Off the end of the world !
  9. Things I Do Like

    Just had a good rip over the moors in the fog rain and mud had a good run with hardly any other cars on road so on the raceing line lmao with some random lad in vxr my poor car was on its ***** ha good fun tho need a car wash now
  10. Adams focus build thread

    Haha I see
  11. Adams focus build thread

    Deep dish ones
  12. Adams focus build thread

    You said untill you get alloys you actually want
  13. Adams focus build thread

    Do you not like them St alloys anymore