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  1. Do I have an alarm?

    Okay so this may be the dumbest question ever but how do I know if my fiesta has an alarm..?
  2. Start-stop never activates!

    I’ll try that thanks, what is “acc” though..?
  3. Start-stop never activates!

    Anyone got any ideas as to why my SS never activates? It’s a 2013 1L ecoboost, I don’t have the climate control on, the engine is in the “middle” temperature range, I come to a stop, put it in neutral and the engine never stops! Not sure if it’s me or a fault somewhere [emoji37]
  4. Fiesta air-con switches off

    I have climate control on all the time and the start stop hasn't worked since I bought the car couple weeks ago, I assumed that was the reason [emoji52]
  5. When do you get the logbook..?

    Ah thank you sir!
  6. Sorry I know this sounds ridiculous but, I bought a car from Bristol Street Motors and I got given the little tear-off section 10. Does the full logbook get sent in the post? Do I need to do something? [emoji19]
  7. Rubber door seal coming away!

    Now that I like the sound of [emoji1419]
  8. Rubber door seal coming away!

    I'll get one this morning :)
  9. Rubber door seal coming away!

    Noticed this morning that the rubber seal along the top of my drivers side door is loose. [emoji20] Didn't have time to look properly but how's it held on? Glue..?
  10. How to get music to play thru USB?!

    Sound goes thru USB too [emoji846][emoji846]
  11. Things I Do Like

    What a pleasant thread [emoji23] things I like... Waking up thinking I have to work then realising it's Saturday Settling down to watch a nice film in the evening Seeing road rage morons get instant karma Getting my feet tickled [emoji4]
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Wheyyy summer miseries united [emoji1363]
  13. Where to get these little yellow things?

    Thanks guys! Haha this place is great! Just ordered some :-)
  14. Mine has cracked! Tiny thing I realise but wondered if I can replace..!
  15. 1.0 ecoboost owners - do you obey The Arrow?

    On the 1.0 engines what is it exactly that gives the 125 version the extra 25 over the 100 version?