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  1. Some drivers are so unaware!

    yeah accidents do happen this was an accident. the other guy needed to pull out to be able to see past the car next to him he just pulled out at the wrong time
  2. Some drivers are so unaware!

    There is loads of coppers round here they just have better things to do
  3. Some drivers are so unaware!

    I know lads it’s an accident he had to pull out to see past the 4x4 Kia sitting there in the space and just unfortunate that I was there as he was pulling out. Just a pain having to sort it all out really. Hopefully not a write off I know what these insurance company’s are like. One little scratch and your out. Like I love cleaning my car and making it look nice and that and then others don’t care about there cars. A picture 2 weeks before this numpty done the deed
  4. Some drivers are so unaware!

    So I went out to buy some new work boots yesterday and someone pulls out of a car parking space into my front bumper and quater panel. Such a pain in the butt. Makes you think why do we bother with our cars when other drivers don’t give a ****! Now the hassle with sorting it out with the insurance.
  5. Reflection Shots

    My wash on a Sunday with meguirs quik wax and meguirs detailing spray. Shampoo is meguirs wash and wax
  6. Subwoofer

    Same way mate. Just hook into speaker wire. Then have a remote wire there Along with the power wire. Then also plug in the audio cables
  7. Beading Shots!

  8. Subwoofer

    Do it as Alexbartlam has said I’ve also done mine like this 👌👌
  9. Insurance renewal

    Okay thanks dan not for renewal till 12 November so I’ll let you know sooner to the time cheers or can I set it up ready now?
  10. Insurance renewal

    I’m up for renewal in November so just who’s the cheapest? 23 fiesta 2009 1.4 been driving 2 years when I’m up for renewal will have 2 years no claims
  11. Your Insurance Annual?

    23 Fiesta 2009 1.4 1 years no claims £1374 only been driving 2 years in November also got motor legal expensive and breakdown cover on here
  12. Which tyres?

    Aqua planing is the issue with this matey
  13. Which tyres?

    Yeah it’s the same on lorry’s Ian. Shocking really as it’s a bigger vehicle and more weights involved. Tbf it’s probaby to do wth the weight because it holds the grip down rather then cars having not as much weight
  14. Damn right I wouldn’t move. Because if you go through a red light your the one footing the bill in the end and nothing you can do! 😁
  15. Which tyres?

    Toyo proxes I always use them brilliant tyres