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  1. Mk7 Whining Gearbox/bearings? *videos*

    I've got a similar problem with mine atm been to the garage I normally would use and they said mine is the gearbox bearing so it needs rebuilding with new bearings put back in. Also getting the clutch done at the same time they have quoted me £1173 for gearbox rebuild and clutch with labour costs etc. Is this a good quote or should I shop around? Mines only done just over 52,000 miles it's a fiesta titanium 1.4 petrol with zetec kit 2009 model
  2. Will these fit on my fiesta

    okay cheers lads for all your help im gunna go for 7.5 alloys need to look for some now though lol so hard to choose
  3. Will these fit on my fiesta

    Cheers dan So in English terms for me lol you wouldn't recommend them. What about 8.25 for rears and 7.5 for the front? I just want my alloys to come inline with the arches
  4. Will these fit on my fiesta

    So I wanna get new alloys and wanna go wide so would these fit jr11 alloys 17x 8.25j et 25 for the front je11 alloys 17 x 9j et 25 or the rears tyres for the front being 195/40/17 tyres for the rear 205/40/17 much appreciate me if you know let me know. Wanna get them end of next week cheers lads 👍
  5. Quote for wheel bearing

    Yeah. It's more labour because I rang up another mechanic after this and he said the bearings are only actually 20 each side ad he said the labour for it was 3.5 hours on his computer because thats how they price stuff up every job has hours to it or something
  6. Quote for wheel bearing

    I haven't been to the garage yet bobr just ringing around for quotes. Im definitely not going for that quote I've just had a quote for £235 for both sides. Which I'll go for. But if they can't get the abs sensors out of the old ones ten it will be about more but it won't be much more the guy said. He sounds a genuine Guy who I rang up from kustom artworx in Sutton, Bedfordshire. As for the bearing both sides isetta when I do something one side I like to get the other side done aswell so that they last around the same time 👍 X
  7. Quote for wheel bearing

    Right I've just had a quote for my two front wheel bearings and they've quoted £380 with abs or £320 without abs for them is this good?
  8. 8J x 17 Front and Rear

    Hello people, sorry if this has already been asked but I can't find it anywhere on here. So the question is will 8J x 17 fit on a fiesta mk7 also lowered 35-40mm?? also what lowering springs do you recommend? I used to have coilovers on my old polo but decided not to on this one because it's to stuff imo. much appreciated 🤗