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  1. Is it the Alternator? 09 1.6TDCI

    Was at the mechanics earlier, it was as we suspected an Alternator. It was pushing 15+ volts at times of revving (hence headlights flashing bright i guess) Luckily it is covered by my warranty and will be able to get new sorted. Thanks
  2. Is it the Alternator? 09 1.6TDCI

    Hi, thanks for the reply, Sadly I don't own one. My local garage should have one, so I'll post back results and see.
  3. Hey Guys, So firstly the problems the car is issuing is: - Headlights flicker bright while taking off from traffic lights / junctions - Interior map lights flicker when on and driving / cornering - I can hear the steering whine from Radio/Speakers when no music is playing. - Most recently since the cold weather there has been a whine coming from the engine at 1000-2000rpm that sounds like a turbo whine, If I turn the speakers up loudly this noise is amplified through the cars speakers. (Video Linked Below) Does this sound like an Alternator issue? I don't get any battery warning lights on the dash. If you need anymore info or questions please ask. Its a shame as I've spent so much preparing this car for the NCT(Irelands MOT) and then this happens.
  4. New from Ireland

    Ah fellow Irish, welcome :)
  5. Wind Deflectors mk2.5

    I've seen people use glue after a few various searches, Hmm
  6. Wind Deflectors mk2.5

    Yeh, Got them while they were on sale.
  7. Wind Deflectors mk2.5

    So my Wind Deflectors arrived, I managed to get the front ones on (without any clips, is this okay?) As for the rears the clips doesn't seem to hold it at all in place? The previous owner had Deflectors on them because I found two clips wedged inside the window rubber. Any advice on making the rears stay in tight? Also is the fronts safe without a clip? Thanks I did a search, but found nothing relating.
  8. 1.6 TDCi average MPG?

    Just an update, I had to do a 300mile journey the other day, so I reset the avg fuel and it was saying I had done an average 61mpg on the 300 mile journey, which I guess is very good (I know its not accurate), although now that I am home and back to work, its dropping again, so I guess its just not great for town driving? I refilled and instead of the trip computer saying 450-480miles remaining it says 500+ remaining. I'm guessing I just have heavy foot around the town. Also a note on the SAPS oil, Its hard to find here in Ireland, so will I just be safe using fully synthetic 5w30?
  9. 1.6 TDCi average MPG?

    Cheers for the replies, just finished a tank there after 457 miles. I'm going to give it a service, anyone know what I should I need to service it? Its my first diesel so I'm not sure if any different than petrol. What type of oil would you recommend? I've read 5w 30 fully synthetic. Also going to give Millers Ecoboost a go, couldn't hurt. cheers
  10. 1.6 TDCi average MPG?

    So my average MPG is 40-41mpg (I do a good bit of town driving as my job requires me to) but I wondering does this seem right? While on a long journey the AVG MPG will increase but comes down just as fast. Is 40mpg okay for town or is it too low? I have added Redex additive hoping it'll help. I am currently filling my tank fill and doing the calculating manually, So far I'm averaging 400-460miles a tank (does that seem fair for a 1.6 tdci?) I've searched this question and tried alot of solutions (except going to Main Dealer) Thanks in advance
  11. Mk2.5 Number Plate bulb

    Hey Everyone, one of my number plate bulbs were flickering so I decided I'd change them and upgrade them to a nice LED white color. But Its proved to be a hassle to get them out, so bad that now none of them work (i must of clipped a connector?) I was using a small flathead to get in and try to pry it out. I seen a topic on removing them but sadly the pictures had been removed and I'm at a loss. Could someone point me in right area for a guide on removing the damn things? Also is it a standard 501 bulb they require? Cheers
  12. Newbie from Ireland

    Hey all!! Been lurking this site the last week or so getting some help and tips. Decided to join today. I recently purchased a Mk2.5 Focus, I'm not sure the variant but was told Climate? Anyways, I'm always looking out for cool little subtle mods that will make the car look even better. I have a few things already on my list including 4 piece wind deflectors and upgraded bulbs (although I cannot find out if my foglights are H8/H11, as I've been told differently.. if anyone can help, please do) Cheers