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  1. Replacing Broken Stereo

    Hi, I'd like some advice about suitable replacement car radios. I know very little about cars, so apologies for being a n00b. My wife's 2011 C-Max Titanium developed a fault where loud crackling & popping was coming from all speakers intermittently. It was distracting and unpleasant while driving. I was advised by a friend who works at a body shop that it's probably the stereo that needs replacing. I've now removed the old stereo. It's an AHU DAB model, part no: AM5T-18C815-XF. I had a look on eBay but can't find any of this model currently for sale. However I did see one with the same part no. except it ended in PF. Would this be a suitable replacement? Would there be any missing or different functionality? Thanks in advance