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  1. Engine Malfunction

    DPF is completely blocked by all accounts and needs replacing and engine is overfilled with oil too which clearly hasn't helped matters either. No idea how long its been like that for, hadn't thought to check since I got the car a few weeks ago as it had been serviced in May. New DPF and sensor is being fitted on monday as the only other option is to find somewhere that will remove it and then as I understand it I need to have the ECU reprogrammed and it could cause problems at MOT. Some you win...
  2. Elm327 software

    HERE Follow the instructions on this page and use the links for latest Elmconfig and Forscan from the menu on the left. I did this a few days ago without issue
  3. Engine Malfunction

    I contacted my local Terraclean operator and have just had the following response:
  4. Engine Malfunction

    Great stuff. I know nothing about what nay of this means other than expensive so will investigate and get it booked into garage for next week
  5. Engine Malfunction

    So I managed to get the Elm sorted and now know what my fault codes are. P2458 21: DPF Regeneration Duration P242F E1 DPF Ash Accumalation P2409 60 Fuel Cap Sensor/Switch Circuit Range or Performance U1900 20 Missing Message for Engine Speed On the plus side I guess this means I have a DPF which is handy as none of the main dealers I contacted have been able to tell me or return my call... On the not so plus side it sounds horribly expensive
  6. Engine Malfunction

    I think I've found what I need, ts amazing what happens when you read things properly http://www.spanglefish.com/tunnelratelectronics/index.asp?pageid=520030 Which then leads me to here: http://www.totalcardiagnostics.com/support/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1/0/how-to-install-elm327-usb-cable-on-windows-and-obd2-software That will be my job when I get back from work.
  7. Engine Malfunction

    My Elm327 USB with switch was delivered yesterday. I plugged it into the OBD port, turned ignition on without starting engine,but nothing was showing on Forscan (version 2.3.9 beta for windows). Have I got the correct software or am I just doing something wrong?
  8. Engine Malfunction

    Am I right in thinking that Magnatec 5w30 Fully Synthetic A5 is the best oil to go for? http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Focus_1.6_2008/p/car-accessories/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/engineoils/5w30-engine-oil/?521773421&&cc5_247 Also if I'm changing the oil it makes sense to do the filter at the same time so this Bosch one would be ok? http://www.eurocarparts.com/oil-filter
  9. Engine Malfunction

    Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated So it could be a number of things then so tomorrow I'll get out and check the oil and may well do an oil change if it needs topping up. I've only had the car a month and was told it had been serviced in January but better to be on the safe side I guess and this way I'll know it has decent oil in it. I've also ordered an Elm327 which should be here for Thursday so that may shed some more light on whats occurring. In terms of the fault it unfortunately hasn't gone away and was there when I got back in the car to come home again. There's no chuffing noise, burning smell or smoke which I'll take as a plus.
  10. Engine Malfunction

    Morning All, I was driving to university this morning when an engine management message came up saying Engine Malfunction There was a loss of power in high gears going up hill, I could watch my speed falling despite my foot being on the floor. There doesn't sound like any change in the running noise of the engine and there is no smoke from the exhaust although I did notice it was making a high pitched whining/spinning noise for a moment after the engine was turned off. Plan is to take it to the garage when I get back from classes this afternoon and have them hook it up to see whats going on. In the meantime though any thoughts on what this could be? I'm a bit worried the whining noise could be the turbo?
  11. Lost key fob

    That's cool, will chase that up over the weekend. Thanks Phil
  12. Lost key fob

    AFAIK the immobiliser is working as when I turn the engine off and put the steering lock on the red light flashes on the dash which would imply I have a PATS chip. That is unless I'm well wide of the mark with how the immobiliser works that is The key I have though is a box standard after market job and doesn't have any buttons on it at all which makes me wonder if it does have a chip at all? If it does then theoretically I should be able to get the chip out of my key and into a new one. That said I cant see a way of splitting my key easily. If it doesn't then I'll have to get a locksmith to code a chip as well as still needing a replacement key so its looking like heading to a locksmith, like the chap recommended above, for the whole lot is probably the best bet then. Unless someone can recommend a decent auto locksmith in kent?
  13. Lost key fob

    When I brought my Focus it came with a replacement key only so the remote central locking doesn't work. How straight forward is the re-coding procedure?
  14. 5 Spoke Steels

    Morning All My hubcaps are a bit scuffed up so thought I''d give them a quick tidy up with a rattle can and once I'd prised one of them of I noticed that behind them is a 5 spoke steel rim. This got me wondering about maybe doing a DIY spray on them as an alternative to getting alloys. Has anyone done this, in particular to an estate? Would be interested to see how they look. This came up with a quick google but couldn't seem to find any centres to cover the nuts with.
  15. Crikey those Climair deflectors are a bit steep I ordered a set of Team Hekos from the bay and will have a look at the ford wipers. Thanks for the replies guys