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  1. not really mate, i've done all the lights on the inside. i've got new number plate lights, custom badges and a ford TEC sticker on the rear windscreen. :D
  2. alright chaps! Yeah I'm based in Worthing, got a brand new ST-Line Red Edition in the end from Worthing Dinnages, but work in Brighton! :D
  3. 2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    Will do mate, looks lik im heading up to the july meet so will see what they got there!
  4. 2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    ah a red edition with a sunstrip!! been thinking about doing this for mine. love the the ford bible sticker on the rear, ive just joined that group so will be getting some decorations for my red edition shortly.. looking good mate!!
  5. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Thats good to know! I'm getting a service plan quote today when i pick up the car.. American Express don't give such good benefits :( I'll take a look at alloygators too, cheers! I've got the wind deflectors on order and just found a short stubby aerial (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004AVWX46/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1&tag=autoclubinte-21) will put some pictures up when they are on! thanks again pal :)
  6. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Thanks for that mate, I appreciate it. Yeah the dealer said that if i plan to trade the car back in I don't need to worry about the excess mileage. I've gone for the 9k option as I don't do that much.. or I didn't anyway.. but that could change now I have a decent car I don't mind picking up all my drunk friends in lol. They even said I can trade it in a year or so early to settle the finance and use the rest to take out a new car. cant wait to get her out on the road. I have got alloy protection / insurance thing so i can change up to 18 wheels over the course of the plan, but ill definitely take a look at getting some put on. edit: these look OK? but now it comes down to colour.. red or black haha.. https://www.rimblades.com/rimblades-alloy-wheel-rim-protectors/
  7. What Fiesta do I go for?

    here she is. signed the paperwork today, pick her up tomorrow after a clean and the finance goes through!
  8. What Fiesta do I go for?

    yeah my bad, got my words and terms muddled up. Yeah I'll make sure I put everything back to standard when I give the car back.
  9. What Fiesta do I go for?

    I think it's PCP - I pay no deposit, 36 monthly payments then either a balloon payment at the end, or trade it in for a new one. My aim is to trade it in after the 3 years and get a new model (might treat myself to an ST). But thanks for the info, it's good to know! Looking forward to it!
  10. What Fiesta do I go for?

    visual mods should be ok right? we'll see - but thanks for the heads up dude.
  11. What Fiesta do I go for?

    i'll get some pics when i pick it up. should have it in a week or so. but its the st-line red edition with navigation / city pack / privacy glass / spare wheel. SO EGGCITEDD
  12. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I walked into my local dealership today to see what was available, and ended up purchasing a ***** car!! Got a brand new Ford Fiesta ST-Line Red Edition with some extras on Lease for 3 years. SO EXCITED.
  13. Took me a while to go through all 11 pages (the pictures don't seem to work on the early pages anymore) but I love what you've done with it pal, it looks sooo gooood. . I'm on the verge of getting a 2015 Zetec S Red Edition and look to modify it as and when I can (I am a complete novice when it comes to doing any of this so reading this thread and others has shown that it's not all that difficult with the right tools / people / services etc). . I'm also in Sussex so I may bother you a few times to find out where you got things / had them fitted / let me steal your ford friend to do everything for me \o/
  14. What Fiesta do I go for?

    not yet. i only saw it this morning but ill probably go over there at the weekend. then its a case of getting the money!
  15. What Fiesta do I go for?

    it's a toss up between that red one I just found and the red edition i posted earlier on. i think i can afford both, but i would obviously have to borrow more for the red edition and its a 5 year loan so I have to make sure I have the car for 5 years... and it doesnt break :D