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  1. Dashcam earth point?

    I've just done this earlier today. If you peel away the door trim and then remove the dash end panel, that will expose a useful earth bolt. You might have to extend the wire as you say it's a bit short.
  2. Gel Overlays.....again!

    I've used Motormodz twice with no problems.
  3. Fiesta Ecoboost Revo Stage 1

    I think you will find that Revo say that a Stage 1 remap is designed for the stock engine. If you move up to Stage 2, uprated hardware is required.
  4. Mobile speed camera

    Is the awareness course a 'get out of jail free' route or will insurance premium go north next renewal?
  5. I bought the ST early December and took it for a dyno session to establish the baseline. After installing the Bluefin remap, back to the same dyno, same operator for an assessment. The graph shows before (plain lines) and after (dotted lines). Bluefin made it clear that their software is intended to boost mid-range and you can see from the graph that this is so even though the max PS remained at 251. At 3250rpm, there is a gain of just over 40PS and the torque increase at 2250rpm is more than 100Nm. So, how does it feel on the road? Second and third gears are the key here; the ST roars away in 2nd and the rpm counter has to be watched as it quickly leaps up to 6000 and the limiter cuts in if a change to 3rd isn't done in time. In 3rd the acceleration continues unabated and, if not up to 4th at about 5500rpm, it would flat out at 5800 and 85mph. The urge is still there in 4th and it just moves on to the ton where I had to pull back as our town bypass doesn't go on forever. Torque steer is negligible. Here is a very happy ST driver!
  6. Bonnet release problem asap mot due

    Luke : Had the same problem on the previous Focus2. Bashing the screwdriver didn't work so it was a case of sawing out the grill followed by careful persuasion with a hammer and chisel and the original mech was re-used. I therefore have a new lock mechanism going spare if you want it. You would have to assemble the fiddly bits and pieces to fit your key.
  7. Keyless MK3 FL - How to protect

    Like the idea of a kill-switch. How is it wired up?
  8. Tyre noise on Mk2 Focus

    Quote: I've got these on my mk2.5 titanium and they are noisier than the Michelin premecy 3s I had on before. It's not off putting but I can definitely say they are louder. But the grip and wear is countering the extra noise for me. Thanks to the EU, all tyres have to show a decibel noise rating, varying between 67 and 72db, although most tyres seem to be 70 and above. From what David posts, is it true to say that the lower the db rating, the poorer the grip because the lower db means the tyres are softer?
  9. That looks like a severe remedy. Has anyone tried the diy wheel repair kits with filler paste etc for kerb damage and how well did it work? Or would it be better to let an expert sort ti?
  10. Well coming close to another xmas..All the best.

    Seasonal Greetings from the Ashby de la Zouch Home for Geriatric Focus ST Drivers. Hear, hear! Couldn't have expressed it better. Have a pleasant Christmas, great driving in 2018 and may your LEDs never dim. Regards Freddy
  11. re-mapping

    Changed from Focus 1L Ecoboost to Focus ST 250 last week. Removed the Bluefin from the departing car and rang Bluefin this morning to download the software for the ST. Their site says there will be a charge for this so was expecting to pay about 50% of original cost. Much to my surprise, because I bought the remap less than 12 months ago, the new software would be sent free of charge, and so it was. No complaints here and the ST moves a bit now. It showed 250PS on the dyno before the remap so will be having another dyno run in the New Year to see the gain.
  12. Boot Badge replacement

    You could use a gel overlay badge from motormodz.
  13. re-mapping

    You can easily do it yourself with a Bluefin. mybluefin.co.uk
  14. Removing dashcam

    Managed to squeeze a small hand into the gap, cut the cable tie with a craft knife and extract it. One cut finger in the process. You were right about the earth, Clive.
  15. Removing dashcam

    Think I can see what they've done now. The wire from the camera has a 12v plug (as would go in the 12V outlet in the car) in a socket which must be wired somehow into the fuses. It looks as though the glove box will have to come out to access it. These things are sent to try us...