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  1. Zetec S satnav

    Thanks Alex.
  2. Zetec S satnav

    My Senior Management (aka wife) recently bought a Zetec S and is very pleased with it, especially the 140PS aspect. Sorting out the button-pushing, it seems that the satnav can only be selected when the radio is on. This is a bit odd. Is this another geriatric moment or should it be like that?
  3. Electric polisher/buffer

    There's more skill to this than you think (speaks from experience!) Take it to a pro.
  4. Gel Badges

    Having to ask the question (same as Mk7?) doesn't inspire confidence. Motormodz have just made me a set for the Focus and they're perfect. The Ka Mk2 is listed on their site.
  5. Went on the local Ford dealer's website and found a vehicle I might be interested in. After visiting another site, I returned to the Ford dealer to have another look, only to discover it was now £500 dearer! The airline industry does this, but it's the first time encountered on a car site. Visit several times and it will quickly become unaffordable at that rate.
  6. Bonnet lock

    103 quids is very reasonable. New grille and lock cylinder cost me 50 and then almost 2 hours to fit them. One positive though - the satisfaction of sorting it myself!
  7. Smart meter

    Thanks for that, Lenny; I've learnt something new.
  8. Which is the best petrol

    I regularly use BP and the motor returns 10.4 miles to a litre on average, always over 10. On a couple of occasions, not consecutive, I filled up with Tesco Momentum which returned 8.9 miles to the litre, a considerable difference. It seems unlikely the Tesco pumps are delivering short: maybe they shut off differently.
  9. MOT Tomorrow - Focus MK1.5

    Always a good idea to present the car clean, inside and out; a subtle message to the tester that the vehicle is well cared for.
  10. Phil's Build Thread

    The plot thickens. Just connected to the car on a temp basis and, lo and behold, the leds come on full when the engine fires up so swapping pos and 5th isn't the answer. Connected the fifth wire to the sidelights and now the leds don't dim although there is definitely 12V going back to the controller when the sides are on. Dab the 5th wire on the battery pos and the leds dim. Time to admit defeat. The organ is a Conn 580 from the early 70s, ridiculously expensive when new but now nobody wants them. Conn managed to give these organs a very mellow tone and the tibias are fantastic with the Leslie. The nearest Wurlitzer is in Burton Town Hall and I've had a go on that on a few occasions; the Council charges £12 for an hour's practice. The organ tuner is a friend of mine and he keeps the instrument in impeccable condition. Fortunately, the Council don't object to paying out for maintenance and upgrades.
  11. Phil's Build Thread

    On the bench - connect battery pos and neg, leds come on full. Do nothing and leds time out (the equivalent of leaving the vehicle). If the 5th wire is connected before time is up, the leds dim and stay on indefinitely (as when on the road). Removing the 5th wire puts the leds out with no time delay. So, on the car the 5th wire would be connected to the sidelights and would somehow send a signal to start the leds when the ignition is turned on, although how this could be done with the sidelights off is a bit of a mystery. There are lots of controllers of this configuration on Ebay, therefore the next step, I think, is to temporarily connect to the car and see what happens. Just one of life's little adventures, innit? How is your controller connected?
  12. Phil's Build Thread

    I just bought cheap leds and a controller separately to fiddle about before installing on the car. The controller has 5 wires, + V and 0V input from battery (not ignition live), +V and 0V output to leds and 5th wire to sides or headlights to dim. The controller also has a timer which switches the leds off after 10secs. Connecting to a 9V battery on the bench, the dimming function works by touching the 5th lead on the batt +ve. Remove it and the leds time out. If this were imitated on the car, with no sidelights on, the timer would switch off after 10 secs. How can connecting the 5th wire to a sidelight circuit that is not switched on keep the leds full on. Or am I in age-related thick mode and missing something?
  13. Bonnet lock

    Did you get it sorted?
  14. Bonnet lock

    Hope you are successful. I shall be offline for several days - please let me know anyway if you sort it.
  15. Bonnet lock

    Oops! Just discovered there is more info on this elsewhere on the site. Cracking up slowly here.