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  1. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Mine was built Sept 16 and has same details as Jim. Also tried wifi update several times but it just looks like its constantly searching to no avail
  2. servicing

    I too also used to use a very reliable family run Ford business but as a sign of the times they are no longer a Ford dealership so I have to deal with the ‘big boy’ dealerships. I just phoned my local dealer about the convenience check and was offered an interim service for £60+. When questioned about the convenience check they took my details, looked into it and then called me back and said it was an offer by “Trust Ford” and they could only offer £60+ interim service. Anybody else experiencing problems booking convenience check as I thought offer was available at any Ford service dept as its detailed on www.ford.co.uk
  3. Sync3 and Climate screen

    Thanks for posting photo Neil. Yes mine looks different (apart from colours as taken during the day). I don't have heated steering wheel so it may be as Simon notes that its a software thing of all or nothing and yes its a cr4p way of Ford doing it. Has anyone with sync3 and heated/cooled seats but NO heated steering wheel got seat controls appearing on their screen?? Photo of my screen
  4. Sync3 and Climate screen

    Neil, any chance you can post a photo of the sync3 screen showing heated seats. I have sync 3 and seats dont show on mine
  5. Speed limiter

    I've only used the speed limiter in 50mph roadworks where it worked fine. In the manual it states the following for both normal and adaptive cruise:- You can select a permanent set speed tolerance that is in addition to the detected speed limit through the tolerance menu in the information display. See General Information. I just checked mine (adaptive cruise) and its set to manual and the tolerance is 0 mph. Might be worth checking yours to see if you have different tolerance
  6. Auto Relock

    Like Simonb65 I also dont have the Relock option in my Locks menu. Dealer could not fix relock problem and had to get Ford engineer in who had to reprogram several modules. Does anyone have the Relock option in thier Locks menu once Ford have fixed it. For the lucky people where it has always worked is the Relock option available in the Locks menu and what other options do you have in that menu. I only have Autolock, Mislock, Unlocking and Switches Inhibit. The manual also has Autounlock