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  1. Overcooling and poor mpg

    Thanks for the reply. It was doing it before the belt change aswell mate. Seems to be a bit sluggish aswell compared to when I first got it
  2. cambelt change due

    Lol. Sorry mate all done by a mechanic in tavistock for £260 all in. Gates belt kit and water pump
  3. Overcooling and poor mpg

    Afternoon all. I'm having problems with my focus 2.0tdci. For a while now it's been ***** on fuel (400) full tank with a mixture of driving. Then today drove 30 miles down the a30 at 70 mph and the temp gauge was only at 1/4 Mark. And the fuel was going fast. I used 1/4 tank for 40 miles at 70mph. So not happy . I have changed the stat and sensor and just had the cam belt and water pump done. And just been serviced aswell so should be sweet. Is there a secondary stat on these and where can I buy as ford vospers will only sell me the whole oil cooler.
  4. How easy is it to swap st seats to a zetec?

    i have a mk2 2.0tdci saloon focus, will mk2 st seats fit straight into mine ? sorry to hijack your tread mate
  5. cambelt change due

    lol might take a few hours. beer will be warm
  6. cambelt change due

    does anybody live close to devon and fancy doing my cambelt ? cash waiting, dont like paying maindealer prices but needs doing asap. tea/beer and cake also included
  7. evening all. my focus 2.0tdci is due its cambelt change. i live in devon , does anybody want to earn a few quid and change it for me ? i dont want to pay vospers prices but need it done asap. cash waiting
  8. New ford owner

    Evening all. After years of driving people carriers I've finally gone back to 5 seater cars and gone and got my self a ford focus saloon 2.0 tdci 2006 in black. Very nice 😁. Few problems but nothing major I hope . So hello