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  1. Radiator Leak?

    Hiya Can anyone help with a part number or a link for a very good radiator for a 1.6 2007 fiesta mk6.5 thank you ..
  2. Radiator Leak?

    ok thank you As i have a aircon radiator as well i was looking for how to remove the radiator safely from the other radiator & where the bracket was holding them both etc . I think i can do the rest without taking the bumper off ..
  3. Radiator Leak?

    Hiya Yes i put powder all over the pipes & thermostat housing & even the radiator cap you see in the picture . I ran the car until the fan came on there where no leaks anywhere apart from that part of the radiator . I am thinking the plastic side of the radiator has cracked / split or got a very small hole . Been looking also for a guide on how to remove & replace the radiator but cant seem to find one :(
  4. Back to Ford

    Hiya All I have got myself a Fiesta 30th anniversary limited edition 2007 in Radiant Yellow only done 70k & a good price :) Thanks Nikki
  5. Radiator Leak?

    Hiya Everyone I had the cambelt done about a month ago with the water pump all ford stuff :). then the expansion tank went so have replaced that with ford again :) now it seems after finding a small puddle under the right hand side of car the radiator has developed a leak. Before i go & order a new radiator as i don't think i be able to do this myself can anyone confirm if they have had this trouble before & its definitely the radiator had Cracked/ split. Thank you for any advice Nikki
  6. Back to Ford

    Hiya Everyone Have come back to owning a Ford car after 10 years away (Still miss my Orion) :) Thanks Nikki