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  1. pulls under braking

    do you think it could be the top mounts. even when driving it feels like it wonders a bit and i have to correct it but mostly pulls hard to the left under breaking.
  2. Feeling a bit flat

    i know its only a 1.3 engine but if you are new to driving you should be looking at driving carefully NOT trying to make it go faster. SO TUCK IN YOUR SWOLLEN KNACKERS AND BE CAREFULL. s/s exhaust, induction kit,a good carb cleaner. (instant difference)
  3. 1997 Escort Overheats

    could be the engine tempreature sensor. NOTE. there is 2 of these sensors, 1 for the ecu. and 1 for the temp gauge in the dash. i would change both cos thay r about £10-£15 each.(i may be wrong but thats where i would start)
  4. pulls under braking

    anyone know anything on here???????
  5. high beam comes on on its own!!

    i got mine from the scrappy mate at bridges (peas pottage) and it has been fine eversince.
  6. pulls under braking

    hello people i have a ford escort ghia (95) mk6 and it has a problem. When driving along the car seems to want to pull to the right a little when accelrating but when i apply the brakes it has a sudden pull to the left. Over the last 2 days i have replaced (both) lower arms along with new bolts, front discs and pads (completly freed up both calipers with WD-40) also bled each brake, both trake rod ends and the tracking done today. i have now come to the end of my mechanical knowlage so hope some one knows on here. THANKYOU FOR ANY REPLYS.
  7. high beam comes on on its own!!

    hello mate this happened to me and you need a new arm on the stering wheel. you can only get this as a whole piece so you have to take off the indercator arm as well.TOOLS; no 20 star-drive and a dumpy philips screw driver. should take less than 15 mins.