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  1. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    Yeah, you can't really set alignment yourself exactly at home.... But parking level facing a wall will give you some indication as to whether the beams are too high/low. Same as something silly like following a workmate home from work, driving towards a mate...... I have a feeling mine are a little high [I've had to replace the passenger unit - driver's hasn't been touched] but I've never been flashed & mates/neighbours etc haven't said anything about it....
  2. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    You should try driving a 46 year old Mk1 Escort in the dark!! May as well have a couple of candles on the front!!! Luckily it's a very rare occurrence!! Sounds stupid.... But have you checked headlight alignment?? Dipped is H7 Main is H1 Fog is H8 (?) i think
  3. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Ahhhh ... If you are comparing a circa 100bhp n/a 1.6 Focus to a circa 225bhp turbo then obviously the n/a Focus hasn't got the grunt But that's due to the power output difference not just the fact one has a turbo. Maybe we had our wires slightly crossed.
  4. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Not 100% true My Focus is driven mainly around town, in traffic, so I generally change gear below 3,000 a lot of the time. Still shouldn't be afraid to rev it much higher though if you have to.
  5. Mk8 Fiesta fiasco - a silly story

    Focus 2010 - Escort 1971 Reverse - Focus right down - Escort left up Mirrors - Focus brilliant - Escort crap Clutch - Focus soft & smooth - Escort - Hard & paddle Indicators - Focus left - Escort right Headlight switch - Focus to the right - Escort on the left Reversing - Focus reverse light & parking sensors - Escort neither I could go on.... But I'd bore you all to death.......
  6. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    They are yes. I remember the days of the XR3i, Astra GTE, Golf GTi when 100bhp was the daddy & diesels were non-turbo at about 50bhp I guess..... I find my 1.6 petrol feels like it has more torque than outright power & seems best around the middle rev range. Again, it isn't winning awards but that's what the weekend car is for
  7. How Many of You?

    All you can do is be picky where you park it .... Away from the shop entrance is an obvious one as most people like to park right outside I also try to park on an end & tuck over as far as I can. You will never stop it completely though as long as it's in a public area!! The first time I took the Escort out, to a car meet, after a 6 year rebuild, someone walked past it with a zip/bag & put a scratch on the rear quarter..... Luckily it pretty much polished out & isn't really noticeable now.
  8. The Awkward Moment When...

    Red BAW15D on eBay in normal filament & LED versions. What the quality is like may be another story....
  9. mondeo zete s alloys on focus

    I dunno. I bought these refurbished.
  10. mondeo zete s alloys on focus

    I think they are Mondeo Titanium X....?? They are okay to clean though. Spray on cleaner, agitate around with a brush & then rinse
  11. Lowering Springs

    As said, any quoted drop will be relative to a car of factory "standard" height as opposed to that of a "sports" model. Any spring set from a known manufacturer will be fine
  12. mondeo zete s alloys on focus

    That size yeah but not that style *** by Lee, on Flickr
  13. Eibach Springs

    You can tell the engine type by the cam cover difference between the 115bhp Ti-VCT & the 100bhp engine - Have a Google image search. And yes, spring will be the same anyway I'd imagine.
  14. mondeo zete s alloys on focus

    Love these wheels!! I have seen a set on a Mk2.5 Focus [on Facebook somewhere] & they do look nice imo Don't worry about the steering rack limiter thing - 18's with 225/40's are fine
  15. Mk3.5 horn

    2 horns on the Mk2.5 - Still not a great sound to it though. Fit air horns is your best bet - usually with a relay bit if there's one fitted should be okay to use that one.