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  1. battey light

    seems power in engine,,,all belts still on
  2. battey light

    hi bit info park car up in morning car was ok,just went back out in it and herd a whining noise seems loss power to looked down and the battey light is on any ideas on this car is a focus 1.6 tdci
  3. How Low can you go

    wow that is low,no good were I live to many speed humps about,unless he has air bags under
  4. Turbo uderboost help

    did you get this sorted liam,sound like what iam having prob with
  5. loss of power

    this loss of power comes and goes, car is forcus 1.6 tdci 08 only seems to happen when I stick my foot down hard car drives ok, today when over taking a car up a big hill I stuck foot down to the floor for about 20sec to over take car then seems I lost power for a about 2 secs ,seemed like it was missing when I slowed down back to 30 car had afew misses then it was ok car has had full service from being new last one was in may,
  6. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

    how can you tell how much fluid you have in the tank,my car has full service history from the 29/05/09 to 30/05/17,but on the stamps it says nout about filling tank up
  7. dpf clean

    I would say about 20miles a day but last week I did a 200mile round trip doing speeds from 30 to 70
  8. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

    some one said it needs Fluid in some place to help burn the crap out ,,lol and its about 25quid + a litre
  9. dpf clean

    I cheers aaron need some in today so I stick some in,,,
  10. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

    cars ok mate,,it has full service history from the 29/05/09 to 30/05/17 but cant see if the dpf has had oil in
  11. dpf clean

    I have not got a prob yet just thinking ahead lol
  12. any one used this stuff before?does it help
  13. dpf clean

    just came across this link what do people think about getting dpf clean seems cheap Clean&utm_term=dpf removals&utm_content=DPF Filter - Removal - Exact
  14. What years for newer cDPF?

    ok found it and yes I have a dpf Primary Features Build Date: 18.09.2008 Vehicle Line: Focus 2008- Body Style: 5 Door Saloon Version: Series 32 Engine: 1.6L Duratorq TDCi (110PS) - DV6 Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Trans - MTX75 Drive: RHD FWD Emission: Stage IV + DPF Emissions Air Conditioning: Manual Air Conditioning Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Vision Interior Fabric: Tic Toc / Mono
  15. What years for newer cDPF?

    have you a link for that site to check if my car has a dpf as its a 2008 19tdci