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  1. Thanks for dropping me a line Phil! Can't find any information on them so I'm just going to have to make it work myself, I'm fairly handy at this crack so I'll have a look when I get spare time and I'll write a half detailed tutorial, cheers!
  2. Hi guys just was flicking through eBay and seen a pair of oem pre facelift st225 bixenon projector headlights in mint nick up for auction and I ended up getting then for 70 quid which is a robery (pic below). My focus is a mk2 pre facelift is just a standard zetec model and doesn't have auto lights or any of that it's just standard. Just wondering will they plug and play and function the same as my old headlights or will I have to to a bit of playing around with wiring, thanks lads
  3. St pipes on mk2 pre facelift 1.6TDCI

    Thanks for the info!! Appreciate it
  4. Hi guys looking to get twin pipes and an st diffuser for my focus mk2 pre face lift 1.6TDCI. I'm going more for looks than anything else but I'm just wondering what I would do to make the car sound Nice, not looking for a huge BOOO or to be seriously loud just want it to be Nice, any recommendations? High flow air filters or what? Have no clue about exhaust modification or would an air filter even make it sound decent
  5. Focus tdci boost problem

    Well lads I got it sorted!! Exactly what we expected! I got p0299 and I located the solenoid and discovered that oil had dripped on to the solenoid with a previous problem and the pipes came loose, dryed off the connector and fit the pipes back on and hey Presto!! BOOST Edit: fitted small cable ties on the tubes so they don't come loose
  6. Focus tdci boost problem

    Oh I see! You learn something new everyday! Gonna get an adapter and scan it with forscan to be sure Thanks a lot Peter! Really appreciate it, will let you and Liam know how I get on
  7. Focus tdci boost problem

    Now that you say it before I lost all boost when i was going up hill i would lose some power I noticed my speed dropping! Gonna buy a wireless obd2 scanner and download forscan to be sure! When you get a chance Can you send a link to a solenoid that will fit my car? Thanks for the help, Really appreciate it
  8. Came home from work just about to get changed to go out to eddie rockets rob your pockets with the other half but upon further investigation of the letterbox i had noticed that the stainless steel blank + gasket for blanking the egr had come in the me being me (Any excuse to work on the car) I pulled out the tool box and fitted it. I'm no mechanic (just an electrician by trade) so I didn't really know what I was doing, i just about know a few odd things about cars so I kinda winged this instal because I couldn't find a tutorial to do this on my car.( probably is a few but wasn't arsed looking any longer) Now it makes it easier if you take off the scuttle panel but I think you have to take your bleeden wiper arms off and all and I hadn't got time for that as the missus was waiting. First thing I did was locate the egr valve, it's located behind the fuel filter. I took the 3x 8mm bolts off the black bracket that holds the filter in place. Then i removed the filter assembly and shoved it to the back of the engine bay ( fully intact) Second thing I did was take the bracket that the filter sits in to that bolts on to the side of the engine off so I could have the room to slide the blank and gasket in to place. There is another 3x 8mm bolts holding in place And last but not least I undone the two bolts on the valve just enough ( about 5mm) to get the gasket and the blank in to place. These are also 8mm Then put back together. Gonna try add all the pictures I have to this post. You will know what I'm talking about when you see the pictures. This is not a massively detailed tutorial as I ain't got time for that but it's enough so that you'll have half of an idea of what to do. The picture with the red circle is where you slide your blank plate in. Total cost =10.50 time= 30 mins.( not including scrubbing the hands haha)
  9. Focus tdci boost problem

    Thanks for the help Peter, so basically the only way is to bring to a garage for diagnostics, I only have a bog standard code reader (vgate vs890) and it was cheap do that must be why I didn't see any codes thrown. I'm just wondering if I blank off my EGR valve would you say it might fix the problem? Though was thinking if it was my EGR there definitely would be an engine light on. What do you think?
  10. Focus tdci boost problem

    Hi, having a bit of an issue, my car is grand when it's cold it has power but just as the engine starts to get warm theres absolitely no power in all gears, there's no engine light on, its not throwing a code and it's not in limp mode. From reading other forums I've been lead to believe that it might be the boost control solenoid. Does anyone know anything about this problem and could someone help me locate the solenoid, thanks a lot!