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  1. Sal's Tdci Build Thread

    Any pics of sals car, won't let me see the pics on this thread for some reason thanks
  2. Ford kuga 19'' on ford focus mk2

    Why would I need to do That? Will it catch that much at full lock? Thanks for letting me know! Any idea how to fit ?
  3. I'm getting new wheels for my focus mk2, also dropping it 30mm on eibach pro kit springs. Have a few wheel options in mind including 18 inch 2016 rs rep wheels, 2016 18'' st reps and genuine ford kuga wheels. Has anyone any pictures of a focus mk2 with 19 inch kuga Wheels? I'll attach pic below. Thanks
  4. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Yeah I've suffered with one or two cracked focus wheels in the past, the wheels from fk are a decent quality. I like the rs style because there isn't much room between the spokes like the other one so you won't see the tiny disks and callipers on the front and the hideous drums on the back lol
  5. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Yeah id say their possibly the lowering springs I'm chasing, the eibach pro kit lowering springs are black in colour. Looks sweet!
  6. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Thanks for the post wilto, I would love a facelift mk2!! But I also love my pre facelift and can't part with it. Looks sweet! Is that on standard springs??
  7. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Ok thanks for the reply. Didnt stress that they're reps because i didnt think it mattered. they come with warranty so that sold me. Just hard to decide which ones I want. Never seen a mk2 with mk3 rs wheels so was wondering does anyone have any pictures. Don't really wanna drive to Sligo from Dublin just to see what they will look like on my car. There's two wheel options I'm stuck between. The RS and these..
  8. Hi I'm getting new alloys for my focus mk2 pre facelift. I'm lowering it 40mm with eibach pro kit springs and getting 18 inch wheels. Although I like the mk2 st alloys I don't wanna be a sheep and look like every other focus. Has anyone any idea how the mk3 rs alloys would look ?? Any pics??? Or even other suggestions, I'll post the alloys in talking about below. Thanks
  9. Focus mk2 headlight plug wiring diagram

    Thanks focue, got this sorted a short while ago after stoney and lenny posted schematics and full wiring diagram of the whole car! With the aid of a multimeter for identifying things by myself also. Your input is much appreciated.
  10. Good, drops off a little on the right hand side but I can deal with it, I don't have the levelling sensors fitted or the wiring for it so I'm not bothered with it. There's a way to manually adjust them on the headlight so I'll flute around with it when I get the chance but it's not my main priority at the moment haha. Going to focus on getting a foglight surround because someone stole one off the car when I was at the shops. Nightmare to get here in Ireland as I have a focus cabriolet front bumper from the ford styling pack 2 and there's none in the scrap yards And the motor factors is looking for nearly €50 for one! I want to buy a pair because I'm afraid if I buy one they will be different colours from wear and tear the past 11 years. i was looking at getting the drl foglight built in to the cover for around 140 euro but I can only seem to find them in China and I don't want to wait 6 weeks any idea of where to get the surrounds or even the drl's ? I'll attach photos.
  11. Sorry for the delayed reply Phil I've been working a lot and didn't get a chance to get on. One is at night one is in the evening. It looks a tad yellow in the pic in the evening from the camera, it's actually pure white exactly like in the night photo. Thanks
  12. So after looking through the internet and found nothing I finally fitted my bixenon headlights. All I needed was xenon negative for it to work. I soldered it to the ground going directly to the ballast shown in the picture with white insulation tape going around it to prevent a short. I then screwed this to the car and sprayed with galvo to prevent rust.Thanks for the help guys.
  13. Yeah same as myself! Spend a good while drawing my own diagram and all Thanks for the comment!
  14. Update: after another few hours of investigation I think I have it sussed. Will update tomorrow for those of you who are interested :)
  15. I've read through it and it just appears to be fuse locations, I've attached two photos of a: my headlight it has 7 pins marked in red And b the st225 bixenon headlight and it has all 10 pins, looking to identify them so i know what way to rejig the wiring, thanks for your kind help!