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  1. Curtain Airbag recall

    Does all Ford Edge models have to get the airbags replaced or is it just up to a certain date models that have too be replaced ?
  2. Sport Alloys painted or diamond cut

    Okay many thanks for that,it's much appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know if the 2017 edge sport has painted wheels or are they kind of diamond cut,thanks.
  4. Got My New Edge Sport

    It was diamond brite the paint protector stuff I got on my paintwork and interior,got it for nothing so will do for me,I washed and polished it today myself and used stuff poorboys world black hole polish,unreal polish for a black car,got an unbelievable shine now so I'm happy,that's a week iv had the car now and it is unreal,I can't keep the wife out of it,she just loves it too,its good for the bairns as well as they are up high,can't fault anything on it yet,honestly love everything about it,how it looks and drives,can't wait to go of on holiday in a few weeks in it and really give it a long run,so far very very pleased with the edge spot 👍
  5. Exhaust paint burning

    Thanks for the replies folks,I did tell the salesman on the phone a few days ago and he said keep an eye on it,that's before I noticed it was comeing of the back box of the exhaust last night,I also googled it and a lot of replies were of the same kind,new cars have waxes and oils and plastics that burn off of the car is brand new,I'll keep an eye on it,iv never seen an exhaust painted black before,well I think it's painted black and there could be waxes or oils just burning of,thanks again for the replies 👍
  6. Exhaust paint burning

    Hi there,picked up my brand new Ford Edge sport last Friday,have to say it is amazing and better than I thought,I noticed a few days ago when I stopped after a small drive that there was a smell of burning and some smoke like brakes burning but after looking at all 4 wheels they were cool so I was stumped,last night same thing again but this time I had a quick look under car and found it,the back box on exhaust is painted black and when it got hot there was like smoke burning off the black paint which was slightly sticky with the heat of the exhaust,I'm hopping this will eventually burn itself of a bit because its brand new and it will be heat resistant paint painted on back box,has anyone else experienced this,it's no big deal I was just wondering and hopeing it goes eventually,as I say I knew the car would be brilliant and so far it has proved just that,many thanks.
  7. Got My New Edge Sport

    You know this iv been going over in my head what the stuff was called and I can't remember the name of it,I'll be speaking to the salesman again soon so I'll ask him as I honestly cannot remember 🤔
  8. Got My New Edge Sport

    I picked up my brand Ford Edge sport on Friday afternoon at my local ford dealership,well it's a 100 miles away,first impressions of the car,amazing,what a car to drive,looks lovely,it's shadow black,lux pack,park assist and a few other extras on it,it's fantastic on the road handling wise,in fact it's the most effortless car I think iv driven yet,the dealership had this one in there showroom when I was down looking 2 weeks ago so did the deal last Saturday and got it on Friday,got a few freebies thrown in as well,full tank of fuel,boot liner cover and got whole car and interior done with that paint protector and interior stuff so overall I got a great deal on the car so I'm very very happy with it,love the opening panoramic roof,reversing camera is great too,got it washed yesterday so lovely and clean for now,I'd definitely recommend one of these to people,as I say it's an amazing car.
  9. Edge rear bumper protector

    Hi Owen1988,that's is the exact same as the one the dealership had on there demonstrater,I'll ask them a price and availability when I pick the car up on Friday hopefully,many thanks for takeing the time and effort to post pics,it's very much appreciated 👍
  10. Edge rear bumper protector

    Yes that's the one or similar to the one I saw on a used Edge at the dealership,many thanks for the replies,I'll have a look,thanks again.
  11. Edge rear bumper protector

    Hi,first post on forum,I'm picking up my new Edge sport on Saturday but seen one with a bumper protector on it,does anyone know where I can get one in black,many thanks.