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  1. yes, changing the profile of your standard tyres without changing the size of your alloys will throw your speedo out..
  2. might also be worth piggy backing of a different fuse?
  3. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Silly question, but these pictures , are they taken from looking in to the engine (bonne up) or from underneath the car (looking from the ground through the engine)? Just trying to locate these pipes on my 1L 100hp zetec.
  4. Fog Light Removal

    The main surround just pulls off
  5. Led headlight bulbs

    I've just fitted a pair of Philips RACING VISION bulbs, made a massive difference light up the whole road. Highly recommended.(up to 150% extra brightness - stated)
  6. Minimum litre engine for motorways

    hi, i have I 1L ecoboost 100hp, I went from stoke to blackpool and back yesterday (90miles each way) no trouble at all, cruised at 70 (after the roadworks) for most of the way... easily, with plenty of room to spare when needed to overtake averaging 50mpg
  7. Wind deflectors

    Many thanks
  8. Wind deflectors

    Hi all. Just wondered what your experience was of these such as hekos or other. Are they any good? Are some better than others Benefits of these.. I Have a dog thinking able to leave the the windows down a bit of i have to leave him in the car a while and not come back to a wet car if it's rained. Thoughts/ comments appreciated
  9. Stop-start doesn't seem to work

    Tried this this morning , :) everything working again YAY! BRILLIANT!!
  10. K&n panel filter

    it does allow more air to the engine so there is minimal performance increase due to being less restrictive
  11. Oem or sony head unit?

    As above, can I use the blue display with the sony head unit /face (non sat nav)?
  12. K&n panel filter

    A little more noise, ...
  13. Titanium X 2014 delivery issues

    Not sure at all cars after 2012 having tmps. I have a 63 plate zetec 1L (mk 7.5?) And i don't have it.
  14. Oem or sony head unit?

    Cheers. Anyone know if the sony unit will plug and play with the standard blue on black display?