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  1. Active City Stop

    Yeh, i take it is for the rain sensors and city stop + another. Now i have to work out what the 3rd one is for! Someone on here must know what they are all for.....out of interest http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/38627-mk3-focus-windscreen-sensor/
  2. Active City Stop

    Anyone had experience with active city stop? So today I realised my car had active city stop! When a driver decided to pull out on me from a side road. I was very impressed with the system, it reacted and stopped the car about half a meter away from the other car. I was doing around 28mph, before I got chance to brake myself the car had totally stopped its self and a warning message on the dash said 'emergency city stop activated'. I wasn't even aware the car had this fitted and it saved me having a new bumper! This is my first Ford and so far I am pretty impressed with.
  3. Midnighttd mk 3.5 Titanium estate

    Looks very nice! Noticed you have DRL but you mentioned not having the appearance pack, did you fit these after market as well?
  4. Oil service required message

    Thanks, ended up calling Ford and they will get a technician to reset it to the correct interval apparently. Garage is on the way home so no dramas. Thought it was strange to be changing oil so early.
  5. Oil service required message

    So this morning my car throws up a message saying oil service required.! The car has 5200 miles on it 2.0TDCI 2016. It was service before I picked it up in July at 2600 miles . Is it right that it needs an oil change every 5000k? Seems exssesive to change it so regularly
  6. Power Remains On After Ignition Turned Off?

    My 2016 Focus Estate provides power to the 12v sockets for 10min after ignition off or car is locked. I leave my Blackvue plugged in all the time and the car powers of the 12v sockets 10min after i lock the doors. I did however also worry it would drain my battery so hooked up my baby monitor in the car and tested it out as i was a little paranoid it wouldn't power off but it did !! Not sure if this is the same on earlier cars.
  7. 2016 Focus Estate Spoiler

    Thanks but they confirm it does not fit estate spoiler.
  8. MK2 2.0 Duratec - Intermittent Issues Starting

    https://www.uniteddiesel.co.uk/diesel-engine-problems There is a trouble shoot on this website that may help? Generic but may point you in right direction. Possible fuel pump issue not priming on first turn over?
  9. 2016 Focus Estate Spoiler

    Thanks I have contacted seller to see if it is the right one...
  10. 2016 Focus Estate Spoiler

    Hi Looking at purchasing a spoiler this weekend as its extra 10% off but I'm trying to find the high level brake light that is needed once spoiler has been fitted as cannot use the original. Does anyone know what one I need and where to order from?
  11. Mk3 St Estate spoiler

    I know this is an old post but I want to add this spoiler to my estate also. The only place I can see them on sale now is from Ford unpainted £215. I assume the washer feeds into the 3rd break light as it did before? Also did you purchase the clear 3rd break light separately ?
  12. Headlight swap to DRL version 2016 Focus Estate

    Thanks for the response, I do have an ELM327 used to active my Satnav. I don't think I have the nerv to play around with more setting ref the lights without some instruction ....
  13. Headlight swap to DRL version 2016 Focus Estate

    Thanks, I assumed the wiring was already in place. I will have to see if I can find somewhere to get them activated, doubt my local Gates will be that helpful ....
  14. Headlight swap to DRL version 2016 Focus Estate

    i'd better wait until the car is out of warranty i guess!
  15. Headlight swap to DRL version 2016 Focus Estate

    Yes was disappointed to find it didn't have any. These may be an alternative ?