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  1. Dash cam advice!

    Worth a look on the Dashcamtalk forum https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/ for information, but it will probably make your decision harder. In my experience, anything with an internal battery wont last too long so go for one with a capacitor fitted. I was going to to replace my Mini 0806 for a Thinkware F770, but decided on a Mini 0906 in the end (just got it, not fitted yet). My preference was not to have to use an app to set up the camera and for it to be small and discrete. I leave my camera on the screen all the time and periodically take it out to check the recordings. It's barely visible from the outside unlike some which have far too many shiny bits. This is the 0806 in my MK4 Mondeo, the screen is set to turn off after 30 secs.
  2. Dash cam install

    I assume you have an early new shape Galaxy, if so then I believe it's similar to the MK4 Mondeo where the front socket will stay live for approx. 15 mins and the boot is probably constant live. Test it by plugging something in that you can easily see is on through the window and lock the car, then go back after 15 mins or so to see if it's still on. As soon as you unlock the car the socket will turn on again or if you've left the car unlocked, as soon as you open a door. If you have a very very late old shape Galaxy, then iirc they stay constant live.
  3. May need a really hard hit from a hammer. Used to have the same trouble with my dads old Orion. I even keep spare bolts.
  4. Ford Valuation Appointment

    Personally, not worth the hassle to sell privately if you're happy to get that amount and they are willing to take it off you.
  5. What has happened to Etis?

    You need to register for an account, but you don't need to pay for anything.
  6. Sony Head unit radio code

    Hmm, cost me £10 for the code for the stereo in my old ST24. My dads old MK1 Focus had the radio code on a sticker stuck above the glove box. (open glove box door and look up) worth a look?
  7. Sony Head unit radio code

    I'm not familiar with the stereo in the Focus, but is there an 'enter' key that you need to press after entering the code? For example, on old Fords you would use the radio preset numbers to change each digit from 1-4 and then press 5 to confirm/enter. If still no joy then a Ford dealer should be able to help for a fee.
  8. New to me Kuga

    I recently bought 2017 maps from eBay (for my 2011 Mondeo) and it's fine, just make sure it's for your type of sat nav. Yours looks similar to mine, but not quite the same due to the dash design. Mine is an MCA unit but check what yours is first.
  9. Roof rails/cycle rack

    I've been using Thule roof bars and cycle carriers since the late 90's, not cheap but I'm sure you can find second hand items on ebay or gumtree. Have a look at the Thule website where there's a fitment selector tool thingy
  10. Calling all 2.2 tdci mk4 owners

    Have you checked for any error codes with Forscan and an ELM327 plug? I have the USB version from here https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/ Forscan software from here http://www.forscan.org/download.html
  11. Mk6 1.25 how to bleed clutch

    I had trouble manually bleeding the clutch on my old ST24 after I replaced the clutch master cylinder. Got my Eezibleed kit out and hey presto, done in a jiffy.
  12. Mondeo bonnet soundproof panel.

    Not sure if they are specific, but would have thought that one from any MK4 would fit. Some headlights on Ebay, search Xenon Headlights and filter it down to headlight assemblies. I'm assuming the MK4 had Xenons as standard, and not the AFS lights. Note: that the MK4.5 headlights don't have a side light bulb or wiring inside the units. (because they have DLR's in the bumper)
  13. As far as I know, you won't be able to use a map for a 2.0 or 2.2 diesel on your 1.8...you can probably use the handset and then buy a map for your 1.8 at a reduced price.
  14. 2.0 duratorq 143ps poor starting

    Probably worth changing the glow plugs if they haven't been changed recently. Modern cars will use the glow plugs during normal driving too and not just for starting the engine.