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  1. 2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Don't know if it's the same on the Ranger but I bet the fuel vaporiser is blocked and therefore unable to inject diesel in to the exhaust to raise the temps for a regen and thus blocking the dpf. I replaced the vaporiser on my Mondeo 2.2 in March after getting similar codes.
  2. Help with sat nav pin

    Have you been to Ford?
  3. 2.2 TXS flat spot

    Well, no filter to change then. Clutch issues? Do you know if your car has had the PCM update from Ford? It solves a massive turbo lag issue which may help with changing gear process. My car used to bog down badly when trying to pull out of junctions, so bad that it was dangerous. Or stall when trying to park (slow manoeuvres).
  4. 2.2 TXS flat spot

    I assume you have an Auto or powershift box?
  5. New wax sealant needed

    I use Fusso Coat. Bought it last year after reading some good reviews. It beads water very well but on my black car it does show some lines where I've applied it (probably because it wasn't evenly spread). My friend uses it on his white car and no issues there. Have a read here or have a look on the Detailing World forum. Another friend has used the Double Speed Wax and that is good too.
  6. Which make n model

    My friend has mk1 Kuga 2.0 diesel manual and tows a 6 berth caravan without any major issues. He and his family have towed it as far as to the south of France and Switzerland, only issue he had was when the ground was quite water logged and he struggled to pull the caravan out...clutch took a maybe an auto would be better.
  7. Fake sd cards,always check.

    Buying from Amazon is fine, just make sure it's sold by Amazon and not a 3rd party. I've bought cards for my phone, tablet, 2 dash cams, 2 camera's and other things, ranging from 32GB - 200GB and all have been fine. Same goes for headlight bulbs too. Good camera and accessories price check site here, including memory cards.
  8. How to play music from SD card

    Does the Focus not have a USB port? If it does you can get USB SD card adaptors and just plug it in to the USB port. Never tried this scenario in my Mondeo so I can't say that it will definately work.
  9. Sierra Wheel Name?

    I dont think they were given official names back then but the part number is probably 6600269 I have a ford Accessories catalogue from the 90's somewhere, I'll take a look if I find it.
  10. Escort GTI - Help needed

    I would try changing the Temp sender for a new one in case that is giving false readings. Cheap and worth a try seeing as you had the major things done already.
  11. electric fault

    Sounds like the battery is flat/dead, especially if it is the original. Probably best to get it tested or try charging it if you can, but I suspect you will need a new one.
  12. Upsizing Wheels Fiesta Google is your friend

    Try an image size reducer tool that's what I did for my photos. I use One Drive to store my photos and it alows you to share a folder, but I think the standard storage limit is 5GB. You might be able to get this increased to 105GB for a year or two if you use it on an app on a tablet. (thats what happened to my account when I bought a new tablet)
  14. Upsizing Wheels Fiesta

    195 tyres will fit the 7J wheels from what I can see on the web, tyres wont be cheap though for 195/40/17. I think the ST's use 205/40/17 which are cheaper, but this size will make the difference +3.47%, not massively over and will be ok to use I reckon. When I went back to 16" wheels on the ST24, I used 205/55/16 tyres instead of 205/50/16 as they were much cheaper, the difference in size was +3.44%. This equates to 62 mph when the speedo read 60mph. Never had any problems with this, and I think speedos generally under read as standard anyway.