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  1. Help removing my splitter

    Hi guys, I’ve got a Zetex S 7.5 and I’ve damaged the splitter. Bought a replacement part but I’m having all sorts of trouble with the screws holding the thing on. Has anyone removed these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Zetec S Front lip / splitter

    Yeah that's correct, I got the car last August, so I'm coming to the end of my first year now. I can either hand the car back August 2019 or I'll own it as of August 2021
  3. Zetec S Front lip / splitter

    I think I'm on a 5 year HP agreement, after 3 years I can hand the car back to Ford and call it quits, at the end of it I'd rather use a bank loan instead of finance to get my next car. Maybe an imported DC5 Integra, but that's wishful thinking for now :')
  4. Zetec S Front lip / splitter

    @MarksST cheers, sounds like the easier thing to do is find a full bumper and replace the whole thing; do you know if the Ice White paint fades? @zain611 I thought about going aftermarket, but it's on good old HP finance so it'll need to be a stock part when I give it back to Ford
  5. I had a fight with a cobbled road and lost, in the process my splitter has snapped off. I've looked under the car but I can't tell what screw heads hold the thing on. Ideally I'd like to buy a replacement and fit it myself, has anyone got any experience doing this?
  6. Legality of rear light tints

    Realised it was pointless covering my plate now :') Took a photo of it the other night to see how it looked, live photos created a convenient loop:
  7. Hello :) I've had my rear lights tinted, looks really smart and I'm happy with the result. One of my colleagues has been a killjoy and been reminding me all morning that the lights are either "illegal" and an "MOT failure waiting to happen" Can any of you guys lend an opinion, do I have anything to worry about?