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  1. I know sorry [emoji24] only just realised what happened! So I went to buy a whole set of them so main beam and sidelights but the sidelights were sold out so I ended up having to get the Halfords equivalent. So they should be the same thing (xenon, blue look) just not the Osram brand Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  2. These Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  3. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    Well good morning to you too! (Tons of space in front btw) Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  4. I actually thought I had! [emoji23] Was looking at my pics and wondering why they look so yellow - pretty sure I got Osram Cool Blue all around. Something I definitely have to check! Those look lots better Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  5. London roads are notorious for potholes [emoji24][emoji24]. My dad is always laughing at me for my careful driving (if it's safe to do so, I always slow down or drive around potholes and other bumps [emoji85]) BUT I still got an air leak when I was rolling on 15s with plenty of rubber on the tyres! It happens. Also didn't want to spend huge amounts on wheels as I know I'll probably want to change them soon and as [mention=85062]zain611[/mention] said, it's not like it's a necessity if it's not for repairs. I found mine on Gumtree - sometimes people just want to get rid of things and you can get a good deal [emoji5] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  6. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    I do like to be thorough [emoji6] Hahaa! I do wonder whether she's already up at that time or wakes up specifically to go and move the car... They do generally put in lots of effort to inconvenience my mum and I out of our parking spaces! Oh, well that's a very civil approach. I was thinking of something more like... buying a Hummer and just booting them out of the way whenever I need to park up [emoji16][emoji56] Having said that, when I had 2 Fiestas (just bought one, waiting for a buyer for the other) we did sometimes have the opportunity to have my mum's car and both of mine in a convoy. And of course one Fiesta didn't move anywhere until it was sold [emoji57] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  7. DO ITTTTT!! Went from Zetec 15s to ST 150 17s. Alloys were purchased from a fellow Fiesta owner for no more than £100. Spent about £160 on nearly new tyres and balancing at a local tyre fitters. Bought a couple of cans of matte black spray paint to hide some curb marks and light scratches while I decide how I actually want to finish the wheels (about £6 in all.) Nothing else has been done to the wheels since and I've been driving fine for a couple of months now (only just curbed one again this week DOH! [emoji85]) . Just take note of the drive quality and points on curbing, pot holes etc as others have said above [emoji4] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  8. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    Read almost the entirety of this thread and now have a large headache and a reduced lack of faith in the fellow humans that I share this planet with! RANT INCOMINGGGGGG... Will have to start putting my neighbour on here I think! They drive a C4 and have a long wheel base van as the guy works for BT. They've always been complete arses when it comes to parking tbh but their recent thing is making sure that the BT van is ALWAYS right in front of their house (legally parked but is an eyesore when looking out the window and causes a huge obstruction when crossing the road to my own car as I've been forced out of the space in front of my own house due to said van). My street is fairly busy (schools, train station and church nearby) so when it comes to spaces, you snooze you lose! However, they manage to get the van in front of their house EVERY SINGLE DAY! Here's how: Husband leaves for work in the morning. Wife rushes out at ridiculous o'clock to get their C4 from the other side of the road and parks right in the middle of the space the van left. Seeing as no one could fit in the gaps she's left either side of the C4, the van-sized space remains for the entirety of the day. Husband returns from work in the evening and waits on the double yellows before all the spaces in the road begin. Wife rushes out (yet again) and moves the C4 out of the way so King BT can return to his original space, blocking up the road, the view and ***** off EVERY neighbour within a mile radius [emoji19] I had a period of leaving home around 5am on weekdays so have actually seen this in action - it's hilarious - and have caught them in the act on several evenings too. True dedication to an irrelevant cause if you ask me! Example: Blue box = Van-sized space Purple box = where they plonked the C4 Gaps in between = one car space that someone could have used IF they simply moved forward or back *eye roll* Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  9. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    For me, it was shadowing our mechanic J for as long as possible. My dad always bought 2nd hand cars and J was always rescuing him. J drove a white Vectra B GSI (kitted out with limo tints, sub woofer, neon lights and all sorts - these kind of mods actually impressed me at age 9 [emoji23][emoji24][emoji85]) which I thought was the bees knees, so whenever he came round I'd always run out to ogle at his car and see if he'd made any further mods. Eventually I started going out to our garage to see what he was actually repairing. My naturally curious self would ask him questions as he went along and if I was lucky, he'd even let me unscrew something! I watched him work on my dad's Nissan Primera, Mercedes E200 and then Saab 95 over the years so picked up some basics this way. When I was old enough to start driving myself, J actually kept a Corsa aside for me (I wish he didn't! [emoji23]), rebuilt the engine and would do any maintenance necessary until him and my dad fell out and our families naturally drifted apart [emoji174] I definitely owe it to him as he's the reason I even know my way around an engine bay. 3rd car on and I've only used a garage twice. Whilst I'm pretty self sufficient with my car care, I get my yearly service done at a garage for peace of mind and an 'official' record. Since my mechanic is more or less out of the picture, this is what's helping me out these days: 1. Haynes or driver's manual 2. YouTube 3. Forums [emoji322][emoji323] 4. Harassing fellow Fiesta owners [emoji23] 5. Snooping around breakers' yards Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  10. New Member!

    Liking the red fogs, really suit the car [emoji5] Have a snoop in the Build Threads section. Loads of Mk7 owners have write-ups of what they've done to theirs - you'll get more ideas than you'll have time to do the mods! [emoji12] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you aaaand thank you [emoji5] Still missing quite a bit but liking how it's shaping up, definitely Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  12. Looking for something to go around the rim of my alloy wheels to reduce curbing and add some colour. Any recommendations? I've seen Scuff by Rimblades which appears to just be a type of rubber tape that you stick around each wheel to create a trim. Also seen people selling whole protectors that you clip on like you would do a wheel cover. Think I'd prefer something like this but the ones I've seen start from £60 [emoji23][emoji23] Thanks in advance [emoji5] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  13. Clean car + autumn-scapes = photo shoooooooot! Here are some of my faves, edited by Snapseed to make the leaves a bit more autumny [emoji12] Enjoy! Probably my absolute favourite purely because this tree was actually magnificently orange! (and because the homeowner had a Jag XJ and Beemer - seems like a cool person! Haha) [emoji116][emoji116] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  14. No, I just bought the car from there. I live in South East [emoji5] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  15. Was walking back to my car in The Glades shopping centre car park when I spotted this mean beast! Noticed a Kent Cruising decal on the side so maybe I finally have a local fellow Ford fan... Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk