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  1. O.K, so the Aluminium part of your foot pedal just fell off? Mine did a month and a half ago. I temporarily glued it back in place whilst ordering a genuine new one. Thinking this would be an easy swap I set about it. A few hours (and a lot of frustration later I managed the task). I couldn't find anything helpful online so I thought I'd write a quick guide of how I managed this. The pedal in question was the Clutch pedal, but I presume it'll be the same fro the Brake pedal too. Insure you have a lamp, a small mirror and a flat stubby screwdriver to assist you doing this correctly. Place the new pedal cover into a bowl of boiling water for around 10 minutes. Dry off the pedal cover and head to the car to begin fitting. (#1) Install the bottom of the pedal cover first (as it's the smaller area). (#2) Insert the upper left corner next (this is the awkward corner as you are inhibited by the pedal support arm) (#3) Then run your screwdriver up the side to ensure the rubber between #1 & #2 is correctly fitted. (#4) Fit the top right corner next. (#5) Run your screwdriver across the top to ensure the rubber between #2 & #4 is correctly fitted. (#6) Finally pull down on the right side tab to assist you using your screwdriver to ensure this rubber is correctly in place. This sounds fairly simple to do, but in practice it can be a bit of a dog to successfully get all of the rubbers on in place. You will need to apply pressure to the pedal cover against the pedal itself to get parts to stay on whilst moving on to the next step. Obviously if the pedal cover slips off then you should start again and drop it back into boiling water. I've attached a few images for assistance. I hope this guide helps at least one person out, please leave a comment below if so. Thanks in advance.
  2. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Battery arrived last Thursday, I went with the Bosch battery. Very happy with Tanya's service (packaged well, quick delivery etc) I found this to be a helpful reference before swapping the old battery out (if you can stick the guy's accent!) So the new battery is now in, oh what a pain in the @ss the battery removal is! Interestingly the battery clamp was fitted the other way around so I presume the dealership new the car had battery 'issues' before it was sold to me. Anyway Stop/Start is working too now (something I was unaware the car had), so thread 'Solved' and thanks for your assistance guys.
  3. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Appreciate all of your help guys, thanks for all your reassurance. I'll update fitting and any further issues that I encounter once it arrives (probably next Thursday/Friday)
  4. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Good point IanTT. OK standard battery dimensions are as follows: 27cm Width x 17cm Depth x 18cm Height. EDIT: Both batteries are identical dimensions (276 x 175 x 175mm) so I presume that's a standard size and my measurements weren't quite as exact. Bosch has 4 year warranty, Yuasa has 1 year.. Choice made!! I appreciate your help guys, gonna order one now.
  5. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Thanks for your reply iFocus, I was beginning to think everybody was out shopping on the weekend!! Living here in Ireland, just off the Atlantic coast its considerably colder than back in Blighty. My research has told me that the CCA is calculated at 0 degrees F, so I personally can't see any harm in a slightly higher CCA. I've also read that basically all of these batteries are made in the same factories and due to the differences in outputs they are sold as certain manufacturers. Bosch is at the top of one of those lists but I've also read good things for the Yuasa too. Think i'll probably agree with you on the Bosch, just need to get myself up and dressed and go and check the diameters to make sure it fits before I order it now!!
  6. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    OK, so I've been researching since those screenshots this morning... I've come to the conclusion that if the RAC are offering batteries up to 75mA for my vehicle registration (as well as my pictured 65mA battery selections) then it can't be bad. Seemingly aside from slight voltage spikes and wearing the alternator out a little faster, I cannot see any other ill effects and I'M SURE that would ONLY be the case if an EXCESSIVLY larger battery was installed? OK, so now I just need to check that the actual battery dimension match up and then i'll go for one of those two pictured batteries.
  7. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Great stuff IanTT, that's good to know.. Attached is a quick pic of my installed battery. Then I have two choices, any preferences between the two or further suggesting guys? I notice both the batteries I've pictured are higher amperage than the original. Will I have any ECU issues? I feel I need reassurance please!! (Thanks in advance)
  8. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    OK, so I arrived back from Spain 7pm yesterday (been away for a week). Jumped into my 2011 180bhp Petrol Zetec-S and nipped over to my friends. Was there for half an hour or so, a quick lap of the town and home again. Happy everything was good with the car. This morning i unlocked the car as normal, jumped in and pushed the start button. Click, click, click went (I presume a relay). Yes it unlocked the central locking, but no displays fired up so i pushed the car out of the garage and jumped it from my older 02 Focus. Surprised to find out when I revealed the actual battery that I had no hope of connecting the negative jump lead clamp to the negative terminal as its well under the scuttle panel. Followed the earthing lead to the body earthing point and presumed this would be OK to connect the negative jump lead clamp to. Fired up the old Focus, let it for 10 minutes charging the newer Focus. Had dash display this time but when i tried the start button all I got was still click, click, click. Jumped out into the old Focus and rev'ed to 3k for a few minutes before jumping back into the newer Focus. Held down the OK button on the steering wheel (either one works, just outputting on a different display) and got it into 'TEST' mode. Checked the battery reading which read 13.9v. Retried starting the newer Focus. Still just click, click, click.. Presumed not enough voltage to start her and called my garage friend down the road. He turned up a little while later with one of those computer tablet sized battery jump starters. This smaller jump start until had smaller clamps on it and as such clipped onto the batteries negative terminal directly itself. Engine fired up straight away so I presumed it was maybe a bad connection that i had made on the negative earthing point. He trundled off again and I left the car idling for 10-15 minutes before taking it for a 38 minute drive around our local area. It was a pretty hard drive to be honest as I was miffed loosing my 42.2mpg on the dash readout due to a dead battery. Was something like 32mpg when I got home. Interestingly whilst driving around one corner near where I live (and this only happened once during the whole journey) I dropped from 4th to 3rd gear. Whilst the clutch was depressed I had a flash of the battery light and what may of been the ABS light flashed on for half a second, but the time I realised I had already let the clutch out and presumably bump started the engine again? It all happened very quickly so I cannot be sure. I drove the rest of the way home a little slower just in case. Got home, reversed the car back into its spot, pushed the Start button again to switch off the engine and everything went dead again. No dash display, no central locking, nothing. So I'm after a new battery. My garage friend asked if I had Stop/Start feature and to be honest I didn't think I had. (Never did it for me although I'm aware it can be very problematic) so he asks me do I have a A button with a circle around it next to the rear window heated windscreen. Yes I tell him, apparently confirming that I do have Start/Stop just that I never had it turned on! Learnt something new today! Although seemingly I've an more expensive battery and he was aware that the ECU needed to be told that a new battery was installed else it wouldn't charge it? Or some other reason. So my questions for all of you in the know; (1) What battery do I need to replace my existing battery. I've read that it needs to be the same voltage or ampage or something to allow the Stop/Start to work? Yes I'm being lazy asking rather than going outside in the dark and trying to get a make/model off of the battery under torch light. If I don't get a reply tonight, yes i'll do that tomorrow morning. (2) What kinda price am I looking at for this replacement battery? Obviously more than a usual battery I presume? I'm living in Ireland and will be getting a price from my garage friend, I'm only asking so that then I will have a little knowledge if the price I'm told is a good price or not. If not then i'll source it directly ad he'll just plug in and get the ECU talking to the new battery. (3) Is there anything else I should be aware of? Again, I presume there probably is! Thanks for taking the time to read my essay, and I appreciate any help that I'm given. Thanking you in advance.
  9. Hello from Ireland

    Weatherstrips reattached! RallyFlapz fitted!
  10. Mk3 ZS - Mudflaps

    Are yours made from Polyurethane? I would of thought the Poly ones just bend rather than break? JamieC yours look almost identical to my Rallyflapz ones, nicely polished vehicle too (jealous) DRSDriver, it's a little hard to see yours but I love that matching colour coordinated red on the bottom of your rear flaps! OK, so here follows a compendium of photo of fitting my Rallyflapz.. Also (just in case anybody is interested) I've also uploaded the fitting instructions here
  11. fuel economy

    Just back from a three week trip to Blighty. Had a hire car whilst over there and guess what it was.. A 2017 Titanium Ford Focus!! Not too sure of the exact engine but it was an Ecoboost and Petrol. Interestingly enough my combined MPG was only around 49 (My 2011 ZS gives me around 42) I was quite surprised actually.
  12. Mk3 ZS - Mudflaps

    OK, so I've got a Rallyflapz set ordered (£98..) Again I'm clearing out my desktop images and going to post three pics of an American Focus. I'll certainly be interested in seeing more pictures of UK/IE examples with actual Rallyflapz mudflaps fitted please.. Just to give me a guide, I've seen some examples which have had the flaps fitted that really stick out (surely this isn't a good idea?)
  13. Mk3 ZS - Front bumper

    Again, I'm just clearing up my desktop for random images of Mk3 bumpers and wondering peoples opinions to these.. N666 PAG, I'm loving the RS look however feel this would only suit heavily modified examples. Great to see this can be done though. No number-plated Silver Focus, yes i'm certainly aware of the 'open mouthed' look of this. Initially I was interested in doing this but now I feel it's inappropriate. Batmans teeth, I find this rather amusing but I don't know how it would suit my ZS. Child'ish? Maybe yes! but I keep coming back to this idea and I'm gagging to try it out using black electrical tape. I'll update once i've plucked up the courage!! lol
  14. My ZS - Weatherstrips

    Thanks for all your replies.. In the end I cleaned the effected areas with nail varnish remover, then around half 10pm (knowing the car wasn't going to be used until the next morning) I used some form of commercial super glue and masking tape to secure the weather strips in place to allow the adhesive to go off. I know it's not the idea situation but it's holding for now and hopefully it'll be fine
  15. Mk3 ZS - My Coolant Saga

    Sorry for my inactivity recently, I had three weeks over in the UK recently (purchased ZS) then home to Ireland for a month and then another three weeks in Blighty. I'm back for a fortnight then off holidaying in Spain. Just tidying up my desktop and I wanted to rid myself of a lot of images relating to the coolant system and my research regarding my previous coolant issue (now resolved) but I figured these may help out other members so it's a good place to store these..