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  1. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    My hopes were to high. I've submitted an order but there was no payment page, no follow up email and eventually even my logins details on that site stopped working. Oh well. In terms of other solutions, there is company selling standard/modified (used) units with mp3 + usb, but they only come in silver. I've seen another usb music box product (Yatour) that supposedly fits focus mk 2.5, but I'm not convinced it does (works as cd changer) and secondly you need to have specific folder structure which is annoying and not worth 60-100eur price tag... PS: If anyone willing to sell new/used one (MBX01) send me PM. I'm still interested.
  2. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    Submitted the order. Just have to hope they still selling it. Thanks!
  3. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    Any supplier/recycling company in particular? I've asked dealers and they all say the same, part no longer available. I know it's plug an play thats why i would love to have it! I have set up both 1746768 and mbx01 as keywords for ebay notifications but so far nothing showed up (past 2 months). I've found another alternative which is second hand unit likely modified to play usb, but it only comes in silver color (from car-solutions) and unfortunately I need the dark one...
  4. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    Been looking on the ebay and net in general for music box (mbx01) to get USB working in my mk2.5 focus, but all I can see ebay listing from a year ago. Any one has an idea where to get new/used one, or have one for sale?