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  1. New wax sealant needed

    FK1000P is meant to be good, I've used the Double Speed Wax and I don't rate it much. What colour is your car?
  2. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Yeah you're right about the CCA (cold cranking amps) it's always better to be a little higher than standard especially in colder climates; although I recently replaced the wife's battery in her i20 and I had to go for a lower CCA as the battery they (Halfords) suggested didn't fit. I'd always go for Bosch products over others, probably something to do with brand snobbery?
  3. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    I'd go for the Bosch one; as long as the ampage isn't significantly lower or significantly higher then it should be fine. I note that the cranking power on both of the suggested batteries is higher too!
  4. Focus titanium 2012 mobile phone question

    I have the 2011 Titanium and it has the signal strength in the middle.
  5. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Beautiful car and the right engine too. I love the Tit X Sports.
  6. First Focus...

    Enjoy it and don't worry about the DPF
  7. First Focus...

    With that mileage you don't really warrant buying a diesel; anything under about 18,000 a year you might as well get a petrol. Compare the equivalent petrol engined car to the one you're considering. From a quick look online you can get a 65 plate ecoboost for around the same price with half the miles!
  8. First Focus...

    What benefits are those? Having higher service and repair costs? Any benefit gained from fuel economy can soon be wiped out by a big repair bill like for a DPF, DMF etc. Plus unless it is a Euro 6 diesel the residuals of the car will drop like a lead weight. As Euro 6 came in around Sept 2015 It is unlikely the OPs car will be one.
  9. First Focus...

    So question, do you actually do enough miles to warrant buying a diesel?
  10. Ford 1.6 Ti-VCT which fuel to use, Super or Normal?

    My local station is 1.179 for Momentum vs standard at 1.139; but the extra cost is mitigated by the difference in MPG.
  11. Ford 1.6 Ti-VCT which fuel to use, Super or Normal?

    You can use Super if you want but you don't need to; the engine is designed for a minimum of 95 RON. If you did put Super in it you'll probably find it runs slightly better, gives a bit more torque lower down and you'll see a slight increase in MPG. I have the Mk3 with the same engine as yours and I run it on Tesco Momentum 99 and I find it makes the car run better and my MPG improves from 39mpg to 42mpg; but it's purely up to you, the engine doesn't need it like others.
  12. 2006 tdci estate mondeo

    Probably worth no more than £300-500.
  13. 2006 tdci estate mondeo

    What sort of bodywork issue and what sort of mileage/condition etc?
  14. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    It's September 2011 (61 reg).
  15. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Etis says there is no updates for my car?