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  1. Phone Holders

    Unfortunately I just sling my old iPhone into the cup holder nearest to the USB socket by the handbrake and use a short 6-8" USB type charging cable. It works but doesn't look too great so like you, I'd be keen to hear other solutions that look at least a bit more "factory"!
  2. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    I did get the 10% off, but in the form of a voucher code I found online 😉👍🏻 Defo looking forward to fitting them, and defo taking before and after photos! Read too many posts about how bad the LEDs can look within the lens, even when they do work properly...so many others have taken them out and ended up opting for a silvered/chromed bulb, who am I to repeat the mistakes of others! Totally agree with your re Ford original bulbs, I've actually stopped the car a few times and got out to check the headlights were on, the light from them is so poor. Really looking forward to seeing the difference the HIDs will bring, especially as the darker nights will soon be upon us again.
  3. Boot lighting

    Went for your first suggestion...no point quibbling about a couple of pounds then having to do the job over again. 👍🏻 Many thanks Jon
  4. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Waves of relief washing over me now! Hahaha Went for 6000k HIDs, and paid a little extra for the "Premium" version...link below... https://www.hids-direct.co.uk/premium-h7-35w-hid-xenon-conversion-kit-smart-canbus-system/ Maybe next time I'll go for the Philips, really only went for Osram because I went for NB Unlimited bulbs so stuck with same manufacturer for indicators. Will be interesting to see how long the bulbs last as I've never actually had any of the original bulbs fail, just replacing them because I feel they are so poor at what they claim to do...produce light!
  5. Boot lighting

    Does anyone have a link for the LED Strip? Don't want to buy something inferior and end up replacing it after a short time so recommendations would be warmly received.
  6. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Yes... Why? I can feel an learning curve about to begin...
  7. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    H1 is high beam, Osram Nghtbreakers purchased, and located within the reflector type housing... panic now officially over! Hahaha
  8. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Just triple checked what I've ordered... yes, H7 is dipped, and that's what's I've ordered as HID conversion, and what I can remember is what's mounted within the projector lens housing... panic over...I hope! 🙈
  9. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    I don't think so Jon, at least I hope not...but can't check as I'm sitting out in the North Sea just now. I'm sure the projector lens is the one that's on constantly during normal use and it's the reflector lens that comes on when I select high beam...at least I hope I'm remembering it correctly! 🙄 No doubt someone a little closer to their car than I am can confirm...
  10. Really enjoyed reading this thread and following your progress, you've got a really nice looking and very unique car now. It's certainly given me a few ideas and encouragement to try a few mods myself. 👍🏻
  11. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Really interesting reading all the posts on this thread...and am also very thankful for the advice and shared experiences. I think ultimately the answer to my original question appears to be that they are all as good as each other, depending on how and where they are used. Based on the suggestions and previous posts I've decided on the following... I've ordered a HID H1 Conversion Set, because I have projector style dipped beam headlamp units and they certainly appear to be the best option, and although not strictly legal I will be checking my headlamp alignment with my local mechanic so foresee no issues with this... Osram Nightbreaker H7 Unlimited for the high beam, as this is housed within a reflector type headlamp unit, so HID not an option here and this has to be a vast improvement of the very poor standard bulbs... Also went for Osram Diadem Chrome PY21W (x4) for front and rear indicators, along with the matching WY5W (x2) for repeaters within the wing mirrors completing the de-tango look... And picked up a varied selection of LED's to swap for the standard bulbs within the interior and number plate lights... Have yet to pluck up the courage to "split" the headlamp units and blacken the interior...maybe one day though!
  12. Removing Chrome Trim Around Outside Windows

    How do you "wrap" the trim? do you have a link or guide to doing this?
  13. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium 5dr

    Hello Frank, I've owned this very model since new, (the 125PS version) and put around 16k miles on the clock since that time and have never had any issues with it whatsoever. I'm a little concerned to read others posts regarding engine seizure due to lack of coolant, but would say in my experience the car has never let me down, always starts first time of asking, and has been (and I hope will continue to be!) a delight to own and drive. Everything still works as it should, I'm still on original tyres, brake pads, etc...and have an annual service carried out by a trusted friend who is also a mechanic, I've never had cause to return to the original dealer since I purchased the car. The only thing I've had to renew were the small plastic clips that secure the rear parcel shelf due to someone not paying attention when closing the boot one day, a couple of pounds expense on eBay, and a new set of mats due to high heels being worn by my ex causing excessive wear...and that's it really. All in all I'd heartily recommend the car, but ultimately you'll know if it's the car for you once you've taken it out for a proper test drive. Hope this helps you in your decision to purchase my friend. PS I would also say this website is an invaluable source of knowledge, and wish I'd stumbled across it sooner...a lot of very helpful and friendly people offering advice on any topic you could wish 👍🏻😊
  14. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Thank you Jon for taking the time to compose such a detailed and comprehensive response, I feel a lot more confident about this now. will let you know what options I end up going for and will post some before and after pics. will also PM you...😉👍🏻
  15. Hi folks, I've owned my Fiesta since new and it's now three years old (2014 Facelift model) so time to freshen it up a bit! It's a Panther Black Titanium 1.0l Ecoboost 125PS and just passed its very first MOT with no issues. Am now looking to personalise her a little, have recently installed front and rear dark tint ClimAir wind deflectors, just ordered the honeycombe front grille set on fordpartsuk and am looking to get the alloys power coated very soon, among one or two other mods! Really looking forward to getting to know you all, listening to your experiences and suggestions, as well as sharing ideas and enjoying my car again. thanks for having me 👍🏻