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  1. Hello all, It is my first post here so I'll just point out that I own Ford Fusion 1.4 petrol from 2006. Mileage about 80k. Had some smaller and bigger problems with it but in general I think it is a good car. But recently this "famous yellow exclamation mark in circle" showed up on my dashboard cutting of the power and so on. After checking error codes there was only the one in topics name: P2135 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch A / B voltage Correlation So if I understand correclty it is something with throttle itself or with throttle pedal and its positions do not match. I am not experiencing any problems with throttle movement like gap in RPM or changing RPM on idle. So I am guessing the throttle pedal has to be changed. Anyone had same problem? Maybe any idea? Thx for help!