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  1. Thanks a lot mate. I think i have to check with the dealership to see what is already installed and we ll see from there.. :D
  2. Hi everyone, i own a fiesta Mk8 St-line. I was wondering if i can enable the auto wiper features with forscan. I can see 3 sensors behind the rear view mirror. I suppose some of them are for the auto lights and the ACC(Yes Greek st-line has is as standard). Don't know if a picture of the sensor area would help, or maybe the vin to check in etis. Anyone aware if this is possible? Also the car has Rear parking sensors and camera so i was wondering, if i install the front sensors will they just plug in the existing module or i need something more? Thanks in advance, Dionysis
  3. Mk8 Gripes

    Mine doesn't also. I 'd love to have that feature. Maybe there is a way with forscan?
  4. MK8 125bhp remap

    I also got wind deflectors. They look fantastic in Black. The number plate bulbs are Led indeed. As an addition i 'd suggest a metal footrest to match the pedals.
  5. New Fiesta TPMS wrong value

    Hi guys, last week i got my brand new fiesta delivered. Although i knew it's equipped with Tpms, reading the manual i understood that it would only show a notification only if the tired lost its pressure and not the actual values. But on the car menu in the information tab i can see the tyre pressure as well. The problem is that, when i corrected the pressure after the delivery even though i reseted the system via the menu, i have got wrong pressures shown. I have 33psi at front and 28psi back but it shows 37psi and 30psi. I 've reseted the system and did what the manual says after reset ( driving for a while above a certain speed) but without luck. Any thoughts?
  6. Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Hi mate, any news about your project?
  7. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I was supposed to have my st-line delivered this week in Greece, but its been delayed for the second week of November. I should have it until the 10 of November according to the salesman. I have the vin though since early October and I made the order at the end of July.
  8. Headlights

    Hi guys, i m hijacking this thread coz its the same subject. I want to change my bulbs with the whiter osrams or philips, but i m concerned about the life expectancy. I dont want them more white than 4200K and biggest priority is the longlife! I think Night Breakers or white vision are my choices. What are your suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Yeah me too for sure.
  10. It you think it that way, S is an ST without 'T' .
  11. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    Thanks a lot for the info mate! All of you actually! You 've been most helpful. The dealer claims that he will honour the warranty, even with the rica map on. He's the one that will install it also. Don't know if i can get that on paper though. I 've been their client for over 10 years with my Mk6 and i m very pleased all those years.
  12. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    Not sure if i understood. You mean that issues come up if you remove the torque limiter i 1st,2nd gear? I think the rica remap for the 125 variant doesn't remove it . It does remove it though in the 140 model remap according to their website.
  13. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    Thanks a lot mate, so with a rica remap lets say, at 225Nm i would run into trouble in the long run? Even without burning it all the time?
  14. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    Is any way to find out how much torque the new 6 speed gearbox of the mk8 can handle?
  15. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    Thanks a lot for your replys. Since the turbo is the same part, i ll get and map a 125. The extra economy with the long gears is most welcome since unleaded here is very expensive. Most of my fears are the realibility of the engine and the gearbox due to the map, but at my dealer we can do it and still keep the warranty.