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  1. Clutch Problem 07 1.6

    At 1st I would check clutch slave cylinder.
  2. Electric polisher/buffer

    For beginner is good to start with orbital polisher- das6 (not as power full as normal but not risk to make serious damage to paint).For polish good is poor boys or maguires.
  3. Just remember that with stock shock don`t go lower than -30mm -40mm. Below that you need also change shocks
  4. Ignition power

    You can take ignition lead from your radio.
  5. Oil service required message

    Oil should be change every 6000-8000 miles. Especially diesels(turbine don`t like old oils). There is no such a thing like long life oil:) I know what owner manual saying but try to dig subject.
  6. Coolant

    Hello, no it`s not normal. 1st check all pipes, radiator etc for any signs of leak. If there is no leak and coolant still missing you need to deeper investigate cause it can be head gasket etc.There is many possibilities but 1st check for any leaks:)
  7. limp mode

    as far I know almost every car have MAF sensor with EFI(electronic fuel injector) :)
  8. limp mode

    try to unplug your maf sesor when it happens and check if it`s gone if yes clean or replace it.
  9. Zetec -so 1.25. Misfiring.

    Hello, check coil pack resistance.when you changed spark plugs and high voltage cables? At evening you can open hood and using water mist check if there is no spark running around engine.
  10. Fiesta Failing to Start - Video

    Fail message it should clear it self after couple starts (ECU is scanning car and if error appear it will re scan and if`s no longer valid should clear it self or just save as inactive error which can be deleted by any scanner).After battery change car should work fine immediately.If problem appear again(no idle) i would suggest what i mention before.So far drive and keep an eye on.Hope it was only 1 time incident:)
  11. Which Engine Oil !

    Hello I`m using 5W-30 and i think is enough for most of normal cars.(wide range of supported temp). I`ve attached oil specification related to temperatures.Hope it will help
  12. Fiesta Failing to Start - Video

    check throttle valve (responsible for idle). You just might need to clean it.Also MAF might be worth looking/cleaning.Do you have any OBD scanner?
  13. Strong engine vibration when idle

    Agree with mjt.
  14. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    to check leaks spray around intake pipe with easy start if rpm go up -you got leak.
  15. Strong engine vibration when idle

    You can try to clean old one (green part).(On ebay you can find sprays to do that, just be careful about touching it cause it`s very gentle and it`s easy to brake it)