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  1. MPG

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching 1300 miles in my Edge 210 auto titanium with 20" wheels and am getting an average of 31 miles local driving. I know its early days still but are you Edge drivers seeing a big difference in your mpg as the miles start adding up on your car? I have done a few 70mph runs down the A55 so it's not all 30-50mph journeys. Am I expecting the engine to "loosen up" a bit and give me better mpg over the next few hundred miles or so. thanks
  2. Auto gearbox indicator

    thanks for your reply. I understand how park works now. my driveway is inclined so I feel I've got to lift footbrake with handbrake on before applying park because of the little movement. I believe your scenario might be fine on level ground only yeh?
  3. Auto gearbox indicator

    when is it best to put the gear into P mode- I feel it "clunks" into that gear as if I'm forcing it sometimes. should I switch the engine off first? I park on a hill occasionally and the car will jerk forward a bit once the handbrake is applied and my foot released off the brake. would the gearbox be damaged if I was in P mode before releasing my foot do you think? I've always had a manual gearbox in past cars!!!
  4. New member and soon to be new owner

    yes like edge said the dealer gave me good discount but the list price with extras was just over £40k. have to pay £450 road tax from yr2 to yr 6 instead of £140. great car tho and led lights are great
  5. Tyre life

    I found asda tyres great for choice and price online. They get them delivered to a local tyre depot of your choice and fitted in the price. The tyre man said they were a bit cheaper than what he could buy them for. Only used on my last car and would definitely try them again when needed!
  6. Tailgate malfunction

    ive only had my edge a month and it only seems to occasionally stick when I'm parked on an incline facing down which my driveway is.
  7. Tailgate malfunction

    mine does stick sometimes and will reclose. I think its just the rubbers sticking! i'm hoping it will wear a bit in time and not be an issue or I will have to find something to unstick the rubber seal against the closed hatch. any suggestions?
  8. Rear Camera

    What? There's a zoom???
  9. headlights levelling

    sorry slow reply. yes the setup is for left hand traffic so that's ok. it must just be the brightness of the leds when I came over the brow of a hill on dip lights the other evening I got flashed at again so the self levelling isn't brilliant in my book. I would much prefer a manual option in the car!!
  10. headlights levelling

    yes I've got the factory fitted led's but couldn't find any info in the online manual. I have been flashed at a couple of times by oncoming cars with the auto beam on! I haven't had the car two wks yet so i'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong!
  11. headlights levelling

    hello, is there a switch to adjust the headlights at all as when the load in the rear changes the angle or does the car do it automatically? I can't seem to find one and my autobeam doesn't seem to be 100% thanks
  12. LED build change over.

    I did get the led upgrade and been flashed at again by an oncoming car. Maybe I could try the headlight levelling switch thinking about it! the leds work great tho they they were an expensive upgrade!
  13. LED build change over.

    I am still expecting flashes back at me when I see the full beam on and a car approaching towards me. I realised my first night that pushing full beam on at low speed will not auto dip!! I think you've gotta be travelling above 25mph for it to work.
  14. Auto gearbox indicator

    yes I've just experienced the preselecting the wrong way in the D mode. my first auto box car so thanks for your explanation. makes a lot of sense to me now!
  15. Auto gearbox indicator

    is there a need to move the gear lever into s mode if you can change the gears whilst in d mode? whats the difference?