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  1. Rear Camera

    What? There's a zoom???
  2. headlights levelling

    sorry slow reply. yes the setup is for left hand traffic so that's ok. it must just be the brightness of the leds when I came over the brow of a hill on dip lights the other evening I got flashed at again so the self levelling isn't brilliant in my book. I would much prefer a manual option in the car!!
  3. headlights levelling

    yes I've got the factory fitted led's but couldn't find any info in the online manual. I have been flashed at a couple of times by oncoming cars with the auto beam on! I haven't had the car two wks yet so i'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong!
  4. headlights levelling

    hello, is there a switch to adjust the headlights at all as when the load in the rear changes the angle or does the car do it automatically? I can't seem to find one and my autobeam doesn't seem to be 100% thanks
  5. LED build change over.

    I did get the led upgrade and been flashed at again by an oncoming car. Maybe I could try the headlight levelling switch thinking about it! the leds work great tho they they were an expensive upgrade!
  6. LED build change over.

    I am still expecting flashes back at me when I see the full beam on and a car approaching towards me. I realised my first night that pushing full beam on at low speed will not auto dip!! I think you've gotta be travelling above 25mph for it to work.
  7. Auto gearbox indicator

    yes I've just experienced the preselecting the wrong way in the D mode. my first auto box car so thanks for your explanation. makes a lot of sense to me now!
  8. Auto gearbox indicator

    is there a need to move the gear lever into s mode if you can change the gears whilst in d mode? whats the difference?
  9. LED build change over.

    I'm glad I ordered the led headlights option now after reading how poor the halogens are. I just need to understand the autobeam thingy!!
  10. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    rather not thanks!!
  11. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    yep that's it! it's summat i'll get used to i'm sure
  12. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    ur not wrong!!
  13. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    I cant get my head around auto stop/start switching off when I stop, then if I open my driver door it starts up!
  14. Auto Main / Dipped Beam

    I've read that you have to go over a certain speed for it to auto dip/full beam. I just picked up my edge and the salesman was smiling like a Cheshire cat when he was telling me about the auto beam etc....That first evening I went out to asda for a few bits (healthy stuff,honest) and tried it out. People were waving (I think it was waving!) and flashing their lights at me, I thought I had a new bunch of fans now I've joined the Ford club!! But how was I to know I was on full beam in their faces. salesman only told me half the story. There is a lot to understand about this car. So much reading to do.
  15. ST-LINE

    I tend to agree with you. I'm beginning to realise that the salesman I had doesn't seem to have much knowledge on the Edge model and was winging it a bit when answering some questions.