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  1. Stiff gears

    Did you figure it out Zain!? I would like to know how those parts affect the stiff gear change. Thank you !
  2. Stiff gears

    When you're static, engine not running, is the gear change stiff? And by hot i mean, that in time....because of the heat, that bush expanded, so it is a bit loose there. Also check the cables, maybe they need tightened. But go to a mechanic for that.
  3. Stiff gears

    Hello ! I had the same problem. Open the gear linkage box, and see if those cables are properly attached. If those are OK there is a bush there that because of the engine heat it expands, thus resulting in a stiff gear change! There is a video on YT about that if you feel like tackling the problem yourself ! Hope it helps ! T
  4. Hi guys ! Because some of the parts of the car are starting to get out of shape i decided that instead of buying OEM, go for some performance mods, and in the future do track days! A new circuit was built near my area and it's time to visit it.... very often. So far i got (which I will fit later this week): - K&N Air Filter - EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors (USR1676) - EBC Brake Pads Yellow Stuff (EBC DP42002R) - Already ordered but did not arrive yet: Bilstein B14 Coilover Here I need your suggestions about (and if it is possible, exact part numbers) : - Intercooler - New Turbo - Injectors - Meth Injection Kit - Exhaust kit - Others..... Goal here is 150BHP. With a trip to the tuning shop, and with the stock parts the car now has, the guys told me they can get 120Bhp and 250Nm. Any suggestions are most welcomed. Thank you! T
  5. Fiesta Titanium 2009 not blowing hot air

    Hello! If it's not a digital air con unit, then the knob is attached to a cable. In certain times that cable might be loose or pop out, and even if you switch it, it's no good, same temp. Try to open the console and see if the cable is attached to the knob mechanism.
  6. Stiff Gear Change

    Located that bush, it is a bit swollen. I think I need to talk to a Ford mechanic to tell me if it's the one causing the stiff gear change. I also noticed that, with the engine on, car not moving, it shifts pretty smooth.
  7. My 1.6 TDCI Econetic from 2009, does these kinds of wrong readouts as well. It does depend on your driving style. When i drive the car weekly it stays at around max 400KM to empty. When my girlfriend drives it, figures go up to 800km. And that distance to empty gauge value varies as you drive along. Keep the car at a decent speed, no stop start, figure goes up, otherwise it goes down. Sometimes it even stays at 300 ~ 400KM (distance to empty) for a few days, then it drops. Best thing to do, fill it up, reset trip, do the math next time you fill up and see the exact mpg on that run. Do this a couple of times, and average the results. I do think that the most realistic mpg figure is the highest one (town driving), or around that value anyway! I also wonder if tools like "Ultragauge" would give a more accurate result regarding the mpg, distance to empty, etc.
  8. Stiff Gear Change

    As isetta said, there is a plug there. I thought it' to change the gearbox oil, but it seems it is there just to check the oil level indeed. I also talked to some mechanics here and there and they said it could be down to a bush, in that linkage mechanism. Don't know which one, i need to look there again ! If you guys have any other suggestions, they are most welcomed. Thank you !
  9. Stiff Gear Change

    Thank you for the reply! The gear linkage cable seems ok, it is where it should be, hasn't popped off. Should I change the gearbox oil, see if there are any improvements? Cheers
  10. Stiff Gear Change

    Seems like the little Fiesta wants to play rough. Issue is each time to go for a drive, 3'rd gear is difficult to slide in. It seems like when i shift up or even down to 3rd gear i get stuck in a point (not always but very often). I need to get the gear stick a bit more to the right in order to find the gear. It also feels like a rough change. Sometimes this happens to 4th, but rarely. Anything i should check?! Thanks !
  11. Injector sound

    Sorry for not being to explicit. The noise was damped indeed after i ve tightened the nuts. But I searched aside and someone suggested that oil spill caused by an upper rubber seal of the injector. I guess it's item #10 in your photo isetta. Sorry, this got me confused aswell. Soo many opinions on the internet.
  12. Injector sound

    Indeed they were a bit loose! However i also searched more on the internet and found that if the rubber seals are damaged, oil ca be found on the right side of the engine, and gathers in a specific place. I do have some oil there. Should i call Ford and make a schedule or the operation is easy and I can do it myself?
  13. Injector sound

    Thank you isetta! First thing in the morning, i will see if the nuts need tightening, and will report later tomorrow! Thank you guys! T
  14. Injector sound

    Can you please pinpoint exactly which nuts i need to tighten up? Thank you !
  15. Injector sound

    DV6 Engine - 1.6 TDCI, Econetic, 2009, 90bhp. twin cam 16 valve!