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  1. Injector sound

    Hello! On the last service I added some Liqui Moly Diesel Purge in the fuel tank. After a few hundred km of driving I heard a strange ticking noise from the engine. Lifted the bonnet up, and immediately went to check the injectors. I put a screw driver on each of them and listened to the noise is makes. And injector nr 1, (from left to right as you look at the engine) makes this ticking noise. Which sounds like this: Should I do another injector cleaning process, or that one is on his last days of life?! Thank you ! T
  2. Which Engine Oil !

    Good to know info! Thank you! After I added the Castrol Magnatec STOP-START 5W-30 A5, instead of what the Ford people added, the fan issue i had, stopped. Maybe there was a poor lubrication of the engine which resulted in higher temps. I really don't know if that was the source of the problem but things now running smoothly.
  3. Few pics of my ST

    Nice lipstick on the front! Have fun with the car !
  4. Fiesta 1.4 wont start!!!

    Have you checked all the fuses or that's the only one that's busted ?
  5. Fiesta 1.4 wont start!!!

    Swap battery and check if it starts! This could be the best case scenario!
  6. Engine Fan Misbehaves

    Update on the Engine Fan issue! What I did was replace the antifreeze and the expansion tank! It was just on the min level. The tank was dirty inside, kinda rusty look, drained the fluid (rusty aswell), and things are much better now! It still does run sometimes like crazy but not that often. I still don't know about the "Engine Fan Relay" that is missing (pics in first post), what should I do !? Is it ok not being there? I will also look more into this problem and see what I can do to improve things! Keep you guys up to date! Thanks T
  7. Engine Fan Misbehaves

    Pretty sure! Sometimes it starts, then stops in like 30 seconds! It's like it has it's own mind! I did a Forscan DPF cycles check, with 230 started and 145 completed.
  8. Engine Fan Misbehaves

    After doing some digging on the forums, the conclusion for most people with this fan issue is that the relay needs changing! However in the pictures I posted, technically the fan relay is missing somehow. Checked the manual and R7 is supposed to be the "Engine Cooling Fan Relay". I did find on Google some other relay boxes where R1 is the engine fan relay (and that's the one Ford tech guys changed for me). Any suggestions because I don't know where should I go next with this fan issue. Thanks! T
  9. Where is this from?!

    Sweet car Patrick! I know it's off topic but i wanted to tell you! I also hope you fixed the water issue!
  10. Which Engine Oil !

    Thanks for the graph Tuha, very straightforward ! I just bought the Castrol Magnatec STOP-START 5W-30 A5 for now, which on the specifications sheet is compliant with Ford WSS-M2C913-B. Will do an engine flush aswell! Then change the oil. Still, the ambient air temperature here can exceed 30 degrees very often. Should I go for 5w40, at least in the next summer?
  11. Which Engine Oil !

    Hello! I will soon make the car a well deserved service and I want to change the oil myself! In the car's manual it says it has to be a "Ford Motorcraft Formula E SAE 5w30 WSS M2C912 B" engine oil. And i found this Ford Engine Oil and a Castrol Magnatec "STOP-START 5W-30 A5" (recommended by Castrol) which complies with the Ford WSS-M2C913-B. I also read that after 160 000km (which the car just ticked, and because in winter the temp here can go very low) it is recommended to go for a 5w40 oil soon! What do you guys think? Thank you! T
  12. AAT Sensor

    Update on the AAT Sensor fix! The sensor was fitted, (it is positioned exactly where iantt suggested, thank you for that) and it sits tight. Temperature readings are accurate, the "Winter mode" light in the dash disappeared. Part number is : 6M5T-10K936-AB
  13. Engine Fan Misbehaves

    Hello ThaiFiesta! That's how they all are, off (fan turned to 0, no demist) ! If anyone has seen the relay panel in the pictures above, how about that R7 relay? Should that be missing?
  14. Engine Fan Misbehaves

    Hey Russ! Sorry for not being too explicit. The Aircon is off, when the engine fan is spinning wildly. But also the blower inside the car keeps running (Even when AC is OFF), that's why i suspected the heater blower controls!
  15. Engine Fan Misbehaves

    It is off! But yesterday as i was driving along i noticed that even when it's off the air keeps running. Maybe something broken on that heater control panel?