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  1. Rattle on the right side

    I will do that tomorrow ThaiFiesta! Thanks for the heads up! T
  2. Rattle on the right side

    I tried another thing. Engine running, stationary i started to shake the car front to back and the rattle is immediately there. Any key points i should check in the engine bay or suspension. Thank you !
  3. Rattle on the right side

    Ok, Alex! Thank you very much!
  4. Rattle on the right side

    Searched a bit and found out that the upper engine mount has a hydraulic mechanism. Shouldn't it look like in the picture, to damp the vertical movement of the engine (even when the engine is bolted on) ? It would help me a lot to see one that's on another Fiesta. Thanks!
  5. Air vent selector dial issue

    As above! Those 2 cables are attached behind your center console on 2 small clips (green one in the picture). Check behind to see if those have popped out. If not, then the problem might be on the heater controls. The cables can pop-off or some clips are broken. Hope it helps
  6. Rattle on the right side

    Hey Luke! Thanks for the reply I did check it. And did not see anything unusual there. Even when the car is standing still, and I turn off the engine, i can still hear it (as the engine shakes when it's stopping). Does anyone have a photo of that upper mount?
  7. Rattle on the right side

    Anyone who has an ideea about this, or at least post a photo on how that engine mount should look like ? Thank you
  8. Rattle on the right side

    I don't know, what causes it, but there is a slight rattle on the right side of the car which you can hear when you set off, when you brake or when you go over a slight bump. I once tried to accelerate and pulsate on the throttle (to make the car shake) and each time the rattle appears,. My thoughts turned to the upper engine mount which looks like in the photo. Isn't that suppose to stay different because of being hydraulic. I don't think it does any sort of damping. Please share your thoughts! Any other part which i need to check out? Thanks ! T
  9. EGR blanking

    Good luck with the in-house service. Post some pics and let us know your impressions after the EGR blanking and intake manifold cleaning. How do you plan to clean it by the way ? Cheers TDR
  10. EGR blanking

    Nice Zain! I was planning to do the same thing on my car. I did notice a lot and I mean a lot of deposits in the intake manifold. Also planning to change the 8 gaskets. You might see an improvement in the lower rev range and better mpg. Let us know please ! Good luck ! T
  11. MK7 1.6 TDCI EcoNetic M0D

    I recently found a Garrett GT1544v Turbo for 200 euros! Is it big enough to push the car to the 150 mark or do I need a bigger one? If you guys have any other suggestions please let me know. This one i found i think it's a straight swap, nothing else needed. Thanks! T
  12. MK7 1.6 TDCI EcoNetic M0D

    Hello Zain! I do have a circuit near me. So far the parts i purchased changed the car! Love it! I also want to add powerflex bushes all round! Do you have any idea on how to fit them on the rear engine mounts? Thank you !
  13. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    On each side of the dashboard you have two cables, one controls the heater knob, one controls the position of the airflow. You have to get where the driver, passager feet are to see under the dashboard. Those cables can pop off easily.. see if they need reattached. Also remove the AC control unit and see that those cables have the top attached to the knob mechanism. I hope it's an easy fix. Good luck!
  14. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    Is it a digital or manual AC control unit!?
  15. Stiff gears

    Did you figure it out Zain!? I would like to know how those parts affect the stiff gear change. Thank you !