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  1. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    Hello Ford drivers :). I read almost every page of this topic, but I didn't notice if anybody try to update SYNC II with navigation card F2? But based on all installation instructions, it seems that this is impossible and not worth to try :)... So I decide to buy a newer SD card on ebay, version F4 to F6, but how can I be sure that it will work on my SYNC II system. Under ebay description it is somewhere said, that card will work only with sony system and that it is compatible with US. But don't have sony entertainment system and I have EU car. How can I be sure, that SD will work like plug and play in my car? I read somewhere, out of this forum, that this type of navigation SD card need to be configured with a car serial number and ebay cards are crap? Is that true or not? What should I be careful when I'm buying this SD cards? For example I'm looking to buy something like this: For information: I'm owning a Ford Focus model year 2015 (December of 2014). It was sold in France and after two years I bought it used with F2 navigation card equipped.