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  1. virgin Media suck

    £75 is for the V+ install, normal install is only £30 (although I told them i didnt want to pay anything, so they agreed)
  2. virgin Media suck

    We had virgin media broadband + Phone installed ~ a month and a half ago then got TV installed about a week ago. They made no mess or damage when they installed (even took off their boots before they came in) and were always friendly. We had a problem with the broadband being slow so I called up tech support and they sent an engineer out the next day. He fixed the problem right away (getting 4MB/s(!!)) now) - that megabytes not bits! They got the TV installed with no fuss and even complimented me on my choice of music hardware :D All in all I have had a great experience with VM - its a shame you have seen the flip side of their service. If you call CS on 150 and go to option 5 then option 1 (leaving VM) and tell them how badly they have treated you I'm willing to bet they will bend over backwards to convince you to stay!