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  1. How do i remove reat seats

    I did manage it, god only knows how... I was out in the pitch black hitting that white painted thing with screw drivers and hammers etc... Mega frustrated, and sweating like a pig. God knows what the neighbours thought All I'll say fir anyone else trying to do this... Remove the drivers side (OSR) rear seat first, as it's easier to remove than trying to take the passenger (NSR) due to the seat being linked on a pole from the (OSR) seat.
  2. How do i remove reat seats

    still no help. White thing won't move far enough back to let Me remove the seat. All I've managed to do is break off one of the things that look like you should squeeze them together to release. so once again, I'm back at 'chocolate tea pot' 😣
  3. How do i remove reat seats

    thanks, but that's as much use as a chocolate tea pot. sorry to be snippy, but I'm getting very frustrated with this... Thing the white thing won't move far enough that i can get the seat to move
  4. How do i remove reat seats

    Mk3, 5 door, 2012 model
  5. How do i remove reat seats

    You may have seen an earlier post/thread by me about fitting seats from an ST into my Focus Zetec. I bought seats, and have fitted both the front seats and the base for the rear seats... however i'm having some difficulty working out how to get the rear seatbacks out, so I can fit the new ST ones. Any help would be much appreciated, as I want to finish fitting the seats so I can sell the old ones...
  6. How easy is it to swap st seats to a zetec?

    Okay, one last attempt at this... are there any differences between seats fitted to earlier Mk 3 Focus's, over those fitted to mk3.5s...? are they easily interchangeable?
  7. Parking Sensors fitted by dealer?

    Just wondering if anyone on here has had any luck having parking sensors fitted to the front bumper by Ford/Dealers? I already have rear parking sensors fitted from new, but earlier today I found out that they can be fitted after market by Ford/Dealer/OEM, and am considering them as an add on
  8. How easy is it to swap st seats to a zetec?

    I also posted this question on yahoo... now, what I was told, was the following what I need to know now, is has anyone done something similar before, and is the wiring/plugs/connections easily compatible?
  9. How easy is it to swap st seats to a zetec?

    I only ask, as i'm lead to believe that you cant use seats from a m2 because of differing airbag cabling, which would disable the airbags Last thing I want is to buy St seats, only to make my car less safe
  10. How easy is it to swap st seats to a zetec?

    sorry, should have mentioned, my focus is a mk3 and the seats would also be coming from a mk3
  11. Hi, first time post. I bought a 2012 mk3 Focus a few months ago, but am now considering replacing the seats with some from an ST, as i'd prefer leather. What i'm wondering is, how easy is it to swap seats from a mk3 ST into a Mk3 Zetec. My car has manual seat adjustment and is not heated. Any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated