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  1. My rear washer is blocked and no water comes out when i hold the rear wiper stalk forwards. there is water in the washer holderi nthe bonnet. Any ideas on how to fix?
  2. no its for cars i want to buy. looking at silver it seems to come in dark silver light silver and many others!!
  3. HI need help on where i can find colour charts for the new mondeo 07 plate onwards? There seems to be millions of different shades of silver these days! Any help appreciated cheers
  4. Hi all Anybody know any reputable independant ford specialist in Northamptonshir? Need it for my 06 Mondy! Any suggestions where i can look to find one aswell? cheers
  5. thanks ! thats very interesting as on autoexpress's website its states that all MK4 mondeos are chain driven!!
  6. I seem to find conflicting information on my 2008 mondeo 2.0 tdci titanium x. SOme websites say it has a chain, some say it has a belt. ANy ideas people? Also when should it be changed? Cheers !
  7. Help please.. is there a difference in bhp betwenn the 2.0tdci engines in the new shape mondeos?? I have seen on parkers there was a 130 and 140 bhp model. If so how can you tell the difference in the engine bay? thanks
  8. My trusty 06 plate 2.0 tdci 'monty' is at the 100k mark. No problems at all with the car but i was wondering are there any things that i should get looked at/check? cheers
  9. Hi there Looking at a new shape mondeo 2.0 or preferably 2.2 tdci tianium x sport. Does anybody know if it has a cambelt or timing chain that needs changing? If so at what recommended mileage? thanks all! Nathan
  10. thanks for those responses. It seems weird to me that its in the manual with a diagram but you cant adjust them?!
  11. I do a lot of driving and get neck pain. I looked in my handbook for my 06 plate tdci mondeo and it states that you can adjujst the angle of the headrest. However it only seems to move up and down and not forward and back despite using force? Any ideas anybody! cheers Nathan
  12. HI all, I have an 06 plate (facelift) 2.0 tdci GHIA. it has electric wing mirrors whcih i also just discovered fold electrically aswell. Is there an option where the mirrors fold everytime you lock the car?? I know that other cars Pug 407 etc have this option Any help would be grate!! Nathan
  13. Hi ia mlooking at the new shape mondeo (07 onwards) What are the physical differencess btw the 2.0 and 2.2 litre tdci models?? Any help would be greatly appreciated Nathan
  14. ok thanks. Where can i find the air iintake?? Is it likely to be the flywheel at this age/mileage? cheers
  15. Hi i need some help. At idle there is a light vibrating noise coming from under the bonnet which is intermittant. I have looked under the bonnet and cannot see any obvious vibrations. Could this be a problem with the flywheel? Its an 06 plate and only done 58K? Your help would be appreciated Nath