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  1. Hey guys so recently my car started using more petrol (like a tenner a day) and I haven't changed my driving style like how many miles I do or how fast I drive etc etc but my exhaust did start blowing and making a rumbly noise so I assumed that was why so I booked it in at a garage and he said it was the flexi pipe, so I payed him £65 to change it and the exhaust is much much quieter but it's still using petrol and it's still rumbling , now I need it fixing asap as I'm spending way too much on petrol and don't have enough for anything else , my question is any ideas what it could be and also where is the best place to go get it looked at, I live in walsall England and would be willing to travel abit but not ridiculously far ?
  2. Knocking clutch and crunchy gears

    Another update man so the knocking came back more or less straight away and ever since it comes and goes, ide say 3/5 times I press on the clutch the knocking can be heard so I'm just gonna get a new clutch kit in about a month and it should be good, I mentioned the reverse gear always crunches and first and third gear are stiff sometimes , will this be fixed when I get the new clutch kit or would I need to get additional work to fix the stiff gears ??
  3. Mk6 rattle under car

    Hey guys to start with I've already discovered the problem and attempted to fix it myself .... so I started hearing like a clunking/rattling noise coming from underneath the car but I couldn't work out where it was coming from (passengers were saying drivers side but to me it was the opposite) I did have a look underneath and the exhaust didn't seem loose or anything , obviously the noise got worse and more consistent I literally took it to the garage this morning took the mechanic round the block and he was saying oh it's an old car it would be hard to tell what it is let it get worse first, I've got to work and literally looked underneath the car and saw the f**king heat shield in the middle of the car virtually hanging off , so I've just cable tied it back up for now until I can get some washers or something to prop them back up, i didn't think it was the heat shield because I had a previous car with a nackered shield and it could be heard even from starting the car so I thought it was something else but apparently not!
  4. Knocking clutch and crunchy gears

    Just an update I've got the car back now and the knocking completely gone, I am going to get a new clutch in a month or so but not right now as it's not urgently needed, so yeah knocking noise with clutch doesn't always mean big £ ay
  5. Knocking clutch and crunchy gears

    Thank you for the reply! & I isetta I think you may be right the mechanic did say to me it might not even have a dmf , I've been to the garage this morning and gathered some more info he's showed me the mount and it had play in it and the rubber was worn and nackered.. it's gonna cost me £70 for a new one , and yeah the knocking definitely only occurs when the clutch is pressed and goes away and soon as I release it, , he's told me my clutch is on the way out but it still has a bit of life left on & he's quoted me £170 for a new one .. he said the mount may not be the cause of the knocking but the fact it's worn out and moves might mean it's causing something else to kncok, either way I'm collecting the car in an hour so we will see ( I did try and record a video of the knocking but my phone just wasn't picking it up)
  6. So recently I had a new water pump fitted (about 2 weeks ago) as the engine noise was loud and a background grinding sound could be heard so I got that sorted...then the other night as I've been pulling into my drive I've dipped the clutch and heard this constant knocking noise , as soon as I take my foot off the clutch the noise goes away, I've done some research and it's pointed me to the dmf/clutch which I've also heard is expensive as sh*t! I booked it in my local garage and explained the knocking and as I'm writing this the cars at the garage now, he's jacked the car up and told me it isn't the clutch making the knocking he said it's a couple of rear mounts but he can't exactly pinpoint where they are just yet without having a proper look, I have a 2004 fiesta lx 1.25 , also this isn't a question as such more so I wanna hear if others have experienced similar and could give me an estimate on cost if it is some mounts?
  7. Hey guys so as you can tell by the title I'm new to the ford owners club , I've created my own account as I've used the forums on this site loads of times recently as it is ridiculously helpful, unfortunately the fact I've had to visit these forums does mean I've had issues with my car , but I'm greatful for the help I've already received and learned so much already, I've made this account because I want to help others aswell as learn more about my car as I go along!!